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An advice often given to people who are embroiled in the rat race is to take time out to smell the roses. The same advice can be given to online slots players. Though the ultimate objective of online slots is wagering, the wagering can be coupled with an enjoyable audiovisual experience. The audiovisual capability of online slot games will only increase in the coming times with enhancement of technology.

Many players forget that online slots have audio tracks. It is a waste to play online slots without proper audio equipment. This involves a sound card, which is usually built in to the hardware nowadays. The other equipment is a headphone that can be plugged into the computer. A good quality sound card and a good headphone will not add significantly to the cost of the overall system. The player should enable all the different sound options before starting the spins. There are different sounds in the online slot game which the player will soon learn to recognize. Predominant is the background music. This is usually consistent with the theme of the slot game. For example martial themed slots have staccato martial music, whereas carnival themed slots have more vibrant music. Then there is the audio that indicates winning combinations. It is usually short and sharp. Sometimes it is configured to match the theme of the slot. For example in the slot Spy Game the scatter pistol symbol appears with the sound of firing. Finally is the audio that accompanies the animations. Usually it is music but not always so. In the animal themed slots Silver Fang the howl of a wolf accompanies the animation of the wild symbol.

The visual experience often begins with the introductory video clip. In many Microgaming online slots and in Rival Gaming I-slots this video clip is fairly long. It introduces the theme of the slot and the symbols on the reels and forms a connection between the two. The animation in the introductory video clip is of advanced quality and a treat to watch. At least while playing the slot game for the first time players should not skip the introductory movie. Before starting the spins the players should also take time to look at the symbols on the reels. The crafting of the symbols is becoming more and more innovative and in tune with the theme of the slot. The background to the reels also presents interesting graphics. In Summer Holiday the reels are set against the background of a lake.

The best visual experience comes in the animations. When certain winning combinations appear on the reels certain symbols get animated. The animations range from being simple in nature to be quite complex. On the simple side the animations may just show the symbol lighting up. Most of the animations are performed within the bounds of the symbol. However in the more recent online slot games released by rival gaming there are full screen animations. The symbol expands to cover the entire screen and the animation is displayed then. Usually the animations are thematic. An excellent example is the Cryptologic online slot Fantastic Four. In the animation each member of the Fantastic Four exhibits his or her special superhuman powers.

Sometimes the visual effects are very subtle. But they are equally pleasing. An example is the visual changes that are brought about in the free spins bonus round. Sometimes the background color of the symbols changes. At other times the background of the reels transforms from a day scene to a night scene as in Mayan Princess. Often the music in the free spins bonus round becomes peppier.

In the beginning new players may have to make a special effort to taking all these audiovisual stimuli. However due course the appreciation of the sound and visual effects will be automatic and the players will be able to enjoy the wagering appeal and the aesthetic appeal of slot games simultaneously.


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Comment by: burtman On: February 03, 2010
I like to blare it when I play at online casinos and play in full screen mode on my monitor that's pretty larger!
Comment by: Charles L. On: January 12, 2010
Absolutely... I'm a big fan of playing in a way where I know that I'm getting the most of my expereince and thus as a result I'm always focusing on and playing in a way where I'm boosting the music and ensuring that I'm playing on the better of my three computers that I own.
Comment by: Danny Spicer On: January 06, 2010
If you don't enjoy the audio and visuals that are present in an online casino either go somewhere else or don't play. This and winning are the two main aspects of playing casino games. If you can't have fun and be entertained then playing online is a waste of money really and you're better off going to a land casino.
Comment by: Joshua On: December 28, 2009
Games with crappy audio and visuals aren't really worth playing IMO. Most software providers out there are doing a really good job creating games that are rather compelling in both their video and audio characteristics.
Comment by: Roger Morris On: December 09, 2009
A big monitor and good graphics, audio card and speaker make all the difference when it comes to enjoying the full online gaming expereince both when it comes to playing at online casinos or playing table poker I think at least.
Comment by: Milton On: November 17, 2009
Newer games are great and the audio, visual (especially some of the bonus rounds in some of the new games that are being produced). I'm really looking forward to the future of online gaming and casinos online and think that there will certainly be some cool things to come.
Comment by: charlie62 On: September 01, 2009
I know that some players actually turn off the sound when playing slots but for certain things like when you're in line for a scatter win or something it definitely pays off to keep the sound active.
Comment by: Judith L. On: August 28, 2009
Definitely I think that the whole experiences is one... both visual and audio combined are what make slots so captivating and compelling to play. That's why if you go to land based casinos and you see the new WMS slot machines you'll notice that they all carry these big and loud Bose speakers which I think makes the expereince all that much better. I think that online casinos have come a long way in their ability to couple the two well.
Comment by: Rubin On: August 26, 2009
The mesh of quality audio and graphic elements within slots games are what I beleive captivate people to play. I think this is why companies like Microgaming are able to engage players better then some of the other software providers out there. I've always found that Microgaming has the best combination of those two key elements.

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