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Cryptologic online casino software having problems.

Rating: by: silmondo, on August 20, 2010
Pros: Fun games and lots to choose from.
Cons: Doesn't seem company is doing too well.

Cryptologic here's a company that in my opinion had all the opportunity in the world to prevail as a leading online casino software company and to really take the reigns back in the day but really wasn't able to. I beleive that it can be chalked up to bad management though which I beleive is a bad sign for the company. The recent resignation of the CEO for the company is evidence of the fact that the company likely isn't doing to well. That of course coupled with the fact that they have been reporting losses for the last few quarters is not a good sign for the company.

Quite personally and honestly I don't feel as though Cryptologic has much of a future left and that there's a pretty good chance that we'll see them get absorbed at some point or worse file for bankruptcy. It's a real shame as they do have a great selection of games although their games aren't nearly the caliber of Microgaming games they're still rather decent games overall.

Anyways just wanted to give my 2 cents about Cryptologic and what I think is happening with them as a company.


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