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Cryptologic casinos and their software could be better.

Rating: by: lilianblack, on October 07, 2009
Pros: Some of their new online slots games aren't too bad.
Cons: Several disconnects and issues I've encountered while playing.

I play online so regularly and at so many online casinos that the desktop on my laptop where I play mostly is mostly icons for casinos. I would say that I'm a bit of a slots junkie and that although I don't burn though an excessive amount of money I still enjoy playing for real money at least 3 - 4 times per week!

Having been around the block with playing Microgaming casinos, Playtech, etc... I've decided to write you guys a little review here on Casino Advisor about my experiences with Cryptologic software.

I've had an account with InterCasino since around 2003 and thus have been playing with them for quite some time. Since that time I've gone though a lot in my personal life and have really enjoyed playing at their casino. I have however gotten rather frustrated on a number of occasions as I look at playing at online casinos as a sort of escape and really don't figure that I should encounter any issues while playing. For example when I play at Microgaming casinos I rarely encounter any real issues, however when I play at Cryptologic casinos like Intercasino I find that I do.

The kinds of issues I'm talking about relate to the fact that they go down a lot I'm not sure if it's their servers or whatever but still I end up getting quite a few disconnects even to today. This is 7 years pretty much that have gone by that I've been playing with them and still they go down... I'm not sure what the deal is with that but it's really annoying.

Another thing I never really liked about their software which I found that other software providers are able to do a much better job at is that with their software when you're in a game you cannot exit the game while you're currently playing and have to finish a hand in blackjack or the spin of the reels in slots before you can exit the game and go somewhere else. I find this to be annoying as well.

On a positive note though they are a really trusted online casino software provider and are publicly listed as a company. Also they have some nice new games that they've been releasing lately of which haven't been giving me as many problems as some of their older games that I used to play with them.


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