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Graphics and Sound (8)

The graphics in most of the Cryptologic games and especially in their slots games are very sharp and clear, however when in full screen mode it can be noticed that the graphics are a little fuzzy and distorted. Of all the casino software providers though it must be said that the elaborateness of the 3D graphics rendered and used in their card and table games is second to none.

Game Variety (9)

Casinos powered by Cryptologic have a great variety of games the total number of games in their collection is now well over 100. It also should be mentioned that they are in partnership with Marvel comics meaning that they have managed to produce some highly exclusive games including Spiderman, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Ghost Rider slots games of which feature random jackpot wins making them some of the most engaging and compelling slots we've ever played.

Game Updates (10)

Cryptologic is constantly making updates and upgrades to their software, however unlike other software providers they don't necessarily force you to download each of the games in the suite of games available, but rather to download each as you require them or as you request them. With new Marvel and slots and game variants being release pretty much every quarter we feel that Cryptologic is doing an impeccable job at ensuring that players keep their interest in playing.

Progressives (7)

Cryptologic has a good selection of progressive games including Millionaire Club available in both a 3 reel and 5 reel version, a game noted for reaching progressive jackpot prizes in excess of 5.0 Million dollars. Other progressive games and random jackpot games also exist within their suite of games but none overly exciting or anything to really gloat about. The other thing worth mentioning is that even on higher end computer systems we found that some of their progressive games hang and have kind of choppy spin animations when being played.

Download Version (9)

For sure the download client wins over the no download client. With far better graphics, sound and animation we feel that players would be disappointed if they were to play the no-download instant play version of casinos powered by Cryptologic's software.

Instant Play Version (6)

We found the graphics and audio to be dull and boring in the no download version of Cryptologic's casinos. If however you're away from the computer you use regularly (ie. at a friends house, or at your office) playing the no download version will surely give you some excitement and value for your entertainment dollar in the short term.

8.17 / 10
Graphics and Sound 8
Game Variety 9
Game Updates 10
Progressives 7
Download Version 9
Instant Play Version 6

Cryptologic Highlights
  • Multi-Player games (ie. Blackjack & Roulette)
  • Large progressive jackpots
  • Exclusive Marvel slots games
  • Large selection of exciting games
  • Highly reputable and trusted
  • Publically listed company

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