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Cryptologic's new Online Casino games run slot in full screen mode.

Rating: by: augustine, on August 10, 2009
Pros: New games are good.
Cons: New games are slow even on high end PC's

Hello everyone,

My name is Augustine I have been playing at internet gambling sites now for many years. I really enjoy and like to play at casinos that use Cryptologic online casino software as there are several games that I really enjoy playing that are a part of their collection of online casino games.

I have recently been checking out and playing a selection of their new games (you know the ones that automatically launch in full screen mode). I just wanted to say to people that although these games are rather nice looking and very fun to play that the spin animations and other parts of the game in full screen mode even on a good computer can be slow. If you're multi-tasking or running a number of applications on your computer you may find that the reels slow down significantly making the game in my opinion less enjoyable. I think that you should still definitely check them out as it may be only an issue with my computer but I know that I have a quad core Intel processor and a significant amount of RAM so I really don't think that this should be happening.

I really don't want to discourage anyone from playing as some of their new games including one that I see was just added as a review to day here on Casino Advisor (Area 21) is very interesting and unique. This game especially adds a blackjack element to the bonus game which is something unique that I've never really seen in an online casino before.

Hope this review is of some value to some of you out there.



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