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Bankroll Management in Slots

By: R. Kingsley, Wednesday September 24th 2008
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Online slots games offer nothing by way of skill and therefore there is no strategy involved in the actual playing of the game. However bankroll management is crucial to playing online slots games because judicious bankroll management enables the players to get more games in. Bankroll management strategies depend on two factors. One is whether the player is a high roller or a low roller and the other is whether the player is a risk taker or a conservative. Different bankroll management strategies have been formulated for the different circumstances.

The Simple strategy has been devised for players who are low rollers but risk takers. They want higher winnings and are willing to risk their small bankrolls. Under this strategy if the player receives a payout on any spin he bets the maximum coins in the next spin. If he does not receive a payout in any spin then he reduces his next wager by one coin. This bankroll management strategy enables the player to cash in on winning streaks.

The Up The Steps strategy has been devised for players who are low rollers and are conservative players. Under this strategy if the player receives a payout on any spin he increases is wager by one coin in the next spin. If he does not receive a payout in any spin then he reduces his next wager by one coin. Though the player is not able to take very much advantage of winning streaks he is able to stretch his bankroll further.

The 3 Star strategy can be adapted to both the Simple and the Up The Steps strategy. Its basis is that it requires more than one win to make a winning streak and more than one loss to make a losing streak. Therefore changes in the number of coins wagered are made only on three successive wins or three successive losses. Otherwise the player continues to wager the existing number of coins. The changes may be made as laid out in the Simple strategy if the player is a risk taker or as laid out in the Up The Steps Strategy if the player is a conservative player.

Then there are players who do not believe in losing or winning streaks. They set up a pattern of wagering and follow it regardless of the outcome of each spin. This strategy is known as Patterns strategy. A pattern has two components. One is the total number of coins in the pattern sequence. High rollers will have more coins and low rollers will have fewer coins. The second component is the proportion of wagers with maximum coins. Risk takers will have more wagers with maximum coins in their pattern whereas conservative players will have few wagers with maximum coins in their pattern.

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Comment by: Paul James On: April 05, 2010
I find that this problem exists with both experienced and new players alike where they get so eager for the big wins that they compromise on their bankroll management skills. If it happens to you too don't worry about it as it happens to everyone!
Comment by: T. Bugatto On: February 24, 2010
Bankroll management is certainly key in ensuring that you're able to increase the length of play. What's the point of dropping everything you put into a casino (ie. deposit) in the first few spins on a slot or hands that are played in games like blackjack. Should you be playing on a budget you should always do your best to stretch things out.
Comment by: Channy On: January 20, 2010
Betting smaller amounts changing the denomination for example is the biggest factor I would say in ensuring that you stretch your bankroll while playing slots. Also increasing the time between spins is another good thing that can be applied to stretch your credit balance out a bit more.
Comment by: luciaworld On: January 04, 2010
Making a few alterations in how you bet while playing slots games can ultimately result in your abilities to play and extend that amount that you get to play for time wise. It's really quite simple!
Comment by: Stephen P. On: December 24, 2009
Preserving your capital to stretch out the amount that you have to play with in your bankroll is key. In slots it's quite simply a matter of reducing the number of coins that you're willing to play per line or number of lines or combination of both to give you a chance to spend less and play more. Obviously though you'll be subject to winning lower amounts unless you bet max so this is something that should be kept in mind as well.
Comment by: Peter Cullen On: August 30, 2009
Yep that's correct. To be a successful gambler you must always know when to walk away and when to quit when you're a head. The problem is that for most people being able to do this is very difficult. The rush and high that we get when we win is a great feeling and we like it so we keep playing to try to get that feeling back again. When we don't we keep playing more and more to try and get that feeling. Gambling is in all honesty like a drug.
Comment by: Cynthia On: August 22, 2009
Effective bankroll management from what I read and thing about the subject is with good control over your spending habits and knowing when to stop playing. I think that more often then not players continue to play and go more and more into the red. I think a good strategy is to always quit while your ahead. Start with setting some boundaries and rules for yourself which you don't deviate from.
Comment by: Elizabeth On: July 09, 2009
No strategy with slots really works as slots are designed in such a way that the house retains a certain percentage. Just like in any game even blackjack where the house hold is less than 1% there the house always wins and this is something that people really need to be clear of. In terms of managing your bank roll play at your comfort level. Don't try to chase a big win and burn though all your entertainment money quickly. Play conservatively if you can't afford to lose much. If you can then bet bigger...
Comment by: bentobox On: July 01, 2009
I think that there's something that hasn't really been discussed here in this article on slots strategy. I think that what makes a good slots player or gambler in general is their ability to walk away and not chase their losses. It's a very difficult thing to do so much so that I myself have found that I've been caught up in it as well and have chased losses to the point where I maxed out my credit cards. Anyways the point is that you should know when to quit and I think that as an overall underlying strategy for gaming not only slots gaming this should be something that all players should do!

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