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Online Casino and Gambling Dictionary of Terms

By:, Wednesday June 18th 2008
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Here in our casino gambling dictionary you'll find terms that are specific to online casinos and gambling online in addition to those that are more generic that pertaining to things that are generally relevant to gambling.

List terms here in our glossary of terms alphabetically by using the links below:



Action - The amount the players are wagering during the game. When gambling in an online casino, the bigger the wagers, the greater the action!

Add On - When playing in an online Poker tournament, an 'Add On' provides you the opportunity to buy more chips.

All-in - Wagering every online Poker chip you are playing with.

Aggressive - When used in reference to the style of an online Poker player's game, it describes the actions such as raising and re-raising often while very infrequently ever calling.

Ante - The initial wager made by every player at the online Poker table prior to the cards being dealt. An ante acts to produce the originally pot and is not discretionary.



Backdoor - Creating a poker hand that is different from the anticipated card combination desired.

Backraise - When the player who first called raises again in an online Poker game.

Bad Beat - In an online Poker game, when a descent hand looses to a superior hand.

Bankroll - The total quantity of a player's funds located in their online casino account.

Bet Odds - The odds deduced from analyzing how many players call a raise.

Bicycle or Bike - A Straight formed by an Ace, Two, Three, Four, Five card combination

Big Blind - Prior to the cards being dealt in an online Poker game, the big blind is bet by the player sitting two seats from the dealers left and is always the highest dollar amount wagered at that time.

Blind - Prior to the cards being dealt in an online Poker game a blind is a compulsory wager made with the purpose of ensuring that there is money in the pot to be gambled for.

Bluff - Making a bet with in an online Poker game when you know that you do not have a good hand.

Boat - Also known as a full house, it is a hand comprised of a pair and three of a kind.

Board - The cards that are dealt face up and which are available for every player in an online Texas Holdem game to combine with their own cards to make the best hand possible.

Bounty - A bonus prize in an online Poker game that can be won by defeating another player. Bounties are only available in specific online Poker games and tournaments.

Bonus - Additional money paid out by an online casino to a player as an incentive for the player to do some act. For example, loyalty bonus, refer-a-friend bonus, and sign-up bonus are all common bonus types.

Burn Card - To avoid players from reading marked cards, in online Texas Holdem Poker, when setting up the board, the dealer will set aside the first card dealt. This discarded card is known as the burn card.

Button - A symbol denoting the player who is dealing the cards.

Buy-In - A quantity of money spent by a player that allows them to participate in an online Poker tournament or Casino game.



Call - Equaling the last amount of chips wagered into the pot during an online poker game.

Cap or Capping - When playing in an online Limit Texas Holdem Poker game capping is wagering the final amount of money prior to the highest allotted number of raises

Capped - When the highest number of raises is met, thereby preventing any further wagering during that round.

Card Cap - Also known as a 'marker,' it is a chip, or some other object, put on top of your cards denoting that you are still playing in the round.

Cash Out - Transferring your chips into money and exiting the online Casino game you are playing.

Check - Choosing not to place a bet during an online Poker game. This can only be done when no one preceding you has placed a bet.

Chip(s) - "Coins" that possess a symbolic monetary denomination and which are used to place bets in an online Poker game.

Clubs - Originally created to represent the working class, they are a type of suit in the deck of cards used to play online Poker.

Community Cards - Creating the board, they are cards dealt face up during an online Poker game used by every player to combine with their pocket cards to make the best hand possible.

Cutoff Seat - At an online Poker table, the cutoff seat is situated directly to the right of the dealer button.



Dealer - The person at the online poker table who gives out the cards, supervises the game, and distributes the pots.

Dealer's Position - The final spot in a betting round during an online poker game. Also known as on the button.

Deposit - Putting money into an online-casino account. This can be done though a multitude of online-payment methods.

Diamonds - Originally representing merchants, they are a type of suit in the deck of cards used to play online poker.

Draw - The act of taking a new card from the deck via the dealer. This can be done by giving up one your pocket cards in exchange for one from the deck. The consequence of two or more players having hands of equal value. This results in those players dividing the pot equally between them.

Drawing Dead - An online Poker card combination that will lose regardless of whether it gets better.

Drawing Hand - An online Poker card combination that must get better for it to win. For instance, when attempting to make a straight you end up being one card short.



eCOGRA - The acronym for e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. eCOGRA is a company that supervises online gambling sites to ensure that they provide and maintain fair gaming practices.

Edge - An advantage a player has over an online casino or that an online casino has over a player.

Eye-in-the-Sky - Surveillance cameras positioned above casino tables to ensure that no cheating is taking place.



Fish - An online Poker player who does not play well.

Flop - The original three cards that start the board in an online Poker game. These cards are dealt face up and are communal.

Flash Casino - Permitting you to play in your browser, it is online-casino software made with the Flash programming language.

Flush - A card combination in online Poker containing five cards of an identical suit.

Fold - To forfeit the round by relinquishing you cards.

Four-of-a-Kind - A card combination in online Poker consisting of four of the same numeric or royal value.

Full House - A card combination in online Poker made up of three-of-a-kind and a pair.



Sorry no terms for the letter "G" are available.



Heads-Up - A card combination in online Poker between two players.

Hearts - Originally representing the clergy, it is a type of suit in the deck of cards used to play online poker.

High Limit - Where the denomination of money being bet is high in an online Casino or Poker game.

House - The organization that is hosting the game.



Sorry no terms for the letter "I" are available.



Jackpot - A prize amount that can be won by a player who satisfies certain objectives set by the online Casino.



Kill Game - When specific events can create a third blind or larger risks in an online Casino game.



Late Position - Being situated close to the last seat, and thus being able to bet later in the round, at the online poker table. This can be beneficial.

Limit - The amount that you are allowed to bet thereby determining the type of game you are playing; online Limit Texas Holdem, online No-limit Texas Holdem.

Live Hand - A hand that is still being played. If you have not folded, you have a 'live hand.'

Live Game - As opposed to an online game, it is a game where the players are physically at the table.

Low Limit - When the money in a game that is bet is a small amount.



Main Pot - Prior to a player to creating a side pot, the main pot is the original pot created.

Muck - To get rid of your hand. This is usually done after another player has shown a greater hand.



No Limit - When the quantity of money you can wager is restricted not by the game, but only by the amount of money a player is willing to bet.

Nuts, The - In an online Poker game, it is the greatest hand you can possibly get.


On the Button - Also known as the dealer's position, it is always the final player to place their bet in each round.

Outs - The amount of cards still in the deck that can make the card combination you are attempting to achieve get better.

Overcards - A card that is of greater value than the greatest valued card out of the community cards.

Overpair - Attained when you have a pocket pair that is of a greater value than any of the community cards.


Pair - A card combination in online Poker comprised any two cards of identical numeric or royal value.

Pocket Cards - During the initial dealing in an online Texas Holdem Poker game, they are the two cards dealt to you facedown which none of the other players are allowed to view.

Pot, The - In an online Casino game, it is the total sum of money being bet on at any given time.

Pot Limit - The existing pot, at any given time, is the greatest amount of money that you allowed to wager.



Sorry no terms for the letter "Q" are available.



Rainbow - A descriptive term referring to cards of each of the various suits.

Rake - To pay for expenses, sometimes the house takes money from the players

Rag / Rags - In an online Poker game, a rag or rags refer to a worthless card or cards.

Re-raise - After a raise or raises, it is yet another raise on top of these pre-existing ones.

Rebuy - After losing all of your money, or losing enough that you are below a certain minimum amount, a rebuy is an option to buy your way back into the game though the purchase of more chips.

River - In an online Texas Holdem game, it is the fifth and final community card to place on the board face up by the dealer.

RNG - The acronym for a random number generator; a computer that produces number combinations at random which arbitrarily decides the result of a casino game.

Rock - A player who is calm, poised, and rigid.

Royal Flush - A card combination in online poker consisting of consisting of a flush plus a straight composed of Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. It is the hand of the highest rank in an online poker game.

Rush - When a player has one consecutively many time to produce a winning streak.



Scramble - Also known as a wash, it is a method of shuffling where the person shuffling lays the cards on the table over a large area face down and moves them around, thereby 'scrambling' them.

Semi-Bluff - Wagering money on an average card combination.

Set - When a player combines their pocket pair with a community card to create three-of-a-kind.

Short Buying - After their original purchase, it occurs when the player buys chips again.

Short-Handed - Conducting an online game with a small amount of players.

Showdown - It is the last stage of an online poker game when the players have stopped their wagers and shown their hands.

Side Pot - After a player has gone all-in, it is a secondary pot created for further betting.

Small Blind - The lesser of the two mandatory blinds that are bet before the cards are dealt. The small blind is always wagered by the player seated on the left hand side of the dealer.

Spades - Originally representing nobility, it is a type of suit in the deck of cards used to play online poker.

Split Pot - When the pot is divided between either a couple or a few players whose hands are of equal value thus creating a draw.

Steal Raise - When a player in a late position raises for the purpose of taking players out of the game or stealing the pot.

Straight - In an online poker game, it is a card combination consisting of five cards running in sequence from lowest to highest. Aces can have a valued high or low in a game of online Texas Holdem Poker.

Straight Flush - In an online poker game, it is a card combination consisting of five cards of an identical suit running in sequence from lowest to highest.

Suit - It is a trait of a poker card. In an online poker game, the four suits in a deck of cards are Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades.

Suited - Two or more cards of an identical suit.



Table Stakes - An online poker regulation that you can only gamble with the chips you own at the table during any particular game.

Tell - Something that a player will do that can act as a hint to other players at the table as to the hand that that player has.

Three-of-a-Kind - In an online poker game, it is a card combination consisting of three cards of identical value.

Tight - When a player is extremely prudent regarding the selection of their card combinations and has a tendency to fold hastily.

Top Pair - Creating a pair by combining a pocket card with the community card of greatest value.

Top Two Pair - Creating two pairs by combining the two community cards of greatest value with each of your pocket cards.

Trips - Creating a three-of-a-kind by combining a pair from the community cards with one of you pocket cards.

Turn - In an online Texas Holdem game, it is the fourth dealt onto the board and placed face up.

Two Pair - In an online poker game, it is a card combination creating by attaining two pairs of different values.



Underpair - When you have a pocket pair that is of lower value the least valued community card.



Sorry no terms for the letter "V" are available.



Wired - When the rank of your pocket cards are the same.



Sorry no terms for the letter "X" are available.



Sorry no terms for the letter "Y" are available.



Sorry no terms for the letter "Z" are available.


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Comment by: m8351 On: February 04, 2010
I always find something I didn't know when reading these dictionary type articles at online casinos websites like casino advisor. I think that they have pretty good and extensive coverage of all the main things that people should know. There are however quite a few online casino related terms that I think that they could have used in here.
Comment by: Kenneth Olken On: January 22, 2010
A very good and complete listing of terms that I've ever found to be listed at an online casino portal. I love how good online casino advisor is.
Comment by: Particia T. On: January 07, 2010
I've noticed that there isn't a term in here for volatility which I've seen being explained throughout the site in other occasions. As a result I've decided that it may be worth it for me to explain exactly what volatility is just in case anyone out there is looking for information about what this term means. Volatility is a term that dictates the amount of returns in the short term and long run based on prize distribution. For example games with high volatility will payout less often but larger mounts but games with lower volatility will payout more often but smaller amounts. A good way to distinguish between the two is by looking at the prize table and seeing if in a slot game the prize for 5w or the largest 5 symbol combination yields an amount of 10,000 coins or more. In most cases when the game is as such and the other corresponding prizes drop rapidly from this amount the game could be considered to have high volatility. If it's much lower and still all much lower prizes then the game could be considered to have much lower volatility. Anyways hope anyone looking for this info that this helps out.
Comment by: James Dell On: December 23, 2009
I've read though most of these some I've known but a lot of them I haven't known. It's really good to learn something new and today I'm happy to say that I've learned several new terms that I'm sure will in one way or another become useful in the future. The dictionary and glossary of terms found here on the site is pretty good I have to say. I've read others on other sites and haven't gotten as much out of them as I have here.
Comment by: Kevin Jones On: July 26, 2009
Yeah I agree also I've seen other dictionary of terms on other gambling portals out there and I've never found any that are quite as comprehensive as the one that's offered here at Casino Advisor.
Comment by: Smitty On: July 07, 2009
Good glossary of terms. It's not often that you find the words that you're looking for in these things but this surely has been a help for me.

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