Avoid Cross Betting in Roulette

The simplest bets in roulette involve a single wager on one or more numbers. But roulette is a game in which multiple wagers can be placed. These different wagers can cover different sets of mutually exclusive numbers. Or the different wagers can cover certain numbers common to the wagers. The second type of wagers is referred to as cross betting. This raises the question as to which type of wager is more beneficial. This article provides certain tips about cross betting.

At the outset all roulette players must understand that no matter how they wager their expected average return remains the same. If they wager on fewer numbers they are less likely to win but will win larger amounts if they do so. If they wager on larger numbers they are more likely to win but will win smaller amounts. In either case their expectation remains the same.

Now let us see what happens in the case of cross betting in European Roulette. A simple example of cross betting is wagering $10 on Red Numbers and $10 on Odd Numbers. There are 18 Red Numbers and 18 Odd Numbers, but a more detailed grouping is required. The first group contains numbers that are both Red and Odd, of which there are 10. The second group contains numbers that are Red but not Odd, of which there are 8. The third group contains numbers that are Odd but not Red, of which there are 8. The fourth group contains numbers that are neither Red nor Odd, of which there are 11. The last group includes the number ‘0’.

If a number from the first group is called the player will win both bets and win $20. If a number from the second or the third group is called then the player will win one bet and lose the other and end up quits. If a number from the fourth group is called then the player loses both bets and loses $20. In summary the player win $20 on 10 numbers; loses $20 on 11 numbers and ends up quits on 16 numbers. By suitable choice of cross betting the player can increase the percentage cover in which he is quits and wins and loses on few numbers only.

Whereas this prevents the player from losing often it also restricts him to winning occasionally. A person who has this objective should not really be playing roulette at all. A player engages in roulette because he enjoys the thrill of taking risks. He does not wager because he wants to hedge risks. It has been said before, and it cannot be overstated, that the amount spent on wagering should be treated like the amount spent on an evening out. The objective is to have a good time. Cross betting takes away from the enjoyment. The simplest way to ensure that you do not lose more than you can afford is to set wagering limits and adhere to them.

Many online casinos offer wagering contests in roulette. In these contests cross betting is explicitly or implicitly prohibited and can lead to disqualification. A player can wager $50 on Red and $50 on Black and almost all the time end up quits. He will lose only when ‘0’ is called. In this way, with a limited bankroll, he can register large amounts of wagers. This is clearly against the spirit of the contest and online casinos clamp down heavily on such wagering.


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