Auto Play Tips For Online Slots

Auto play is exactly what its name suggests. It allows players to repeatedly play the slot game without manually activating any buttons. Therefore players can wager on the slot game while engaging in any other activity. It also considerably speeds up the game. It is for this reason that most online casino software providers include the auto play feature in their online slots.

It would first be prudent to discuss under which circumstances players should not use the auto play. The auto play feature necessitates that the player places the same bet throughout. If the player wants to change any betting parameter, coin size, number of coins per payline or number of enabled paylines frequently then he cannot use the auto play feature. Some players have a strategy of increasing the number of coins when they are on a winning spree and reducing the number of coins when they are on a losing spree. The auto play feature is not for such players.

Online slots are also played for sheer enjoyment. The audio visual appeal of online slots has increased tremendously in the past few years. The animations keep getting better. Unfortunately auto play does not allow complete enjoyment of these features because the game plays at a fast pace. Therefore players who are interested in experiencing this enjoyment should avoid auto at least while playing the online slot game for the first few times.

The most important parameter in auto play is the number of auto spins. While executing the auto play the player has to set the number of spins. The first thing to keep in mind is that the spins made in auto play are not free spins. For every spin the player's balance will be debited. Two factors should dictate the number of auto play spins chosen. One is the bankroll in conjunction with the amount wagered per spin and the other is the time that the player wants to spend on the auto spin. Here it is important to point out that some bonus features require the player to make choices. When this happens the game will come to a stop till these choices are made. In any event the auto play stops once a bonus feature is triggered and completed. Hence it is pointless to be away from the computer for more than five or ten minutes at a time while the auto play is on.

Online gaming software providers have a number of conditions in the auto play set up mechanism, which if enabled allow the play to stop before the set spins are completed. Two are more common and more useful. One condition stops the auto play if the cumulative winnings exceed a specified amount. Many regular players have an expected target before playing. If they win that amount they are more than happy. They realize that online slots have a payout of only about 96% and if the continue playing beyond that point they may end up losing some of the amount they have won. This condition is useful for such players.

There is a reverse condition that stops the auto play when a specified cumulative loss is reached. In the language of the stock market this is known as the stop loss limit. The player's bankroll dictates that he can afford to wager only so much and no more during a session of online slots. Enabling this condition allows the player to execute this objective.


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Comment by: Andy B. On: January 18, 2010
One of the most convenient features ever. Whoever it was that came up with the concept for autoplay deserves a medal, lol.... I use the feature quite often as I can do paper work for my day job while the game I want to play does it's thing and then stops when it hits a bonus feature and then I can have some of the real fun when you play casino games when this happens.
Comment by: Richards On: November 20, 2009
Of all the features that are available at online casinos that you can't find while playing at land based casinos you'd find in Vegas or elsewhere I think that Auto-Play is the most innovative feature to come about and beleive that it is the one that I likely use the most often when playing at online casinos these days.
Comment by: Hero On: October 29, 2009
It's easy you set the number of spins and a few other conditions or not depending on how elaborate and into the auto-play mode you want to get into you click start and then stop or let the number of spins you've allocated in the auto-play simply play out.
Comment by: finatay On: October 24, 2009
I love the auto-play feature this and the stop spin feature that's available in the software packages of many of the software providers out there is quite nice and features that come in very handy!
Comment by: Andrew K. On: September 06, 2009
Simple auto-play features is all I really need. I had a casino actually ask me a while back if I would prefer auto play where the game would automatically play when I hit a bonus round. I told them heck no because all in all most of the time I just set the game to auto play so I can get to the bonus features and then play those on my own. I think that simple auto play is ultimately the best for everyone.
Comment by: partyboy007 On: August 28, 2009
I've noticed that many of the providers offer a slue of options that can be configured just before starting your auto play. I think that most of these are kind of pointless. I personally like to keep things simple and think that the ability to select the number of auto play games that I want to play and a start stop button for these work the best.
Comment by: Sharon Wallace On: August 25, 2009
Auto play just makes playing slots easier and more convenient for those who enjoy doing more then one thing on their computer at any given time. I know that I use it now and again and find it to be very useful. Even just the 5x or 10x play like Karon mentioned is a great feature and makes setting the auto play to go really simple.
Comment by: Karl Benton On: August 20, 2009
Me too I think it's a great feature and also take advantage of it's uses. I think I've even found some RTG slots that play though the bonus rounds when you're in auto-play. I'm not sure how much I like this but as a feature in general I think it's a must have.
Comment by: Karon Spence On: August 19, 2009
I myself take advantage of the auto play feature as I think that many others who enjoy slots but also multi-tasking while working on their computer do. I find that for the most part I like setting up auto play and allowing it to reach the bonus rounds in some of the slots that I play at which point I usually shift my attention back to the game and play though the bonus round. I think that also the 5x and 10x auto play feature that's available in Microgaming and other casinos is quite handy and convenient.

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