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The best credit card to use at online casinos is Amex.

Rating: by: blackmagic, on June 01, 2010
Pros: A better then average online casino banking method.
Cons: Some online casinos don't accept it as a credit card you can deposit with.

Amex has for a long time been my credit card of choice although I have credit cards with Visa and MasterCard.

When it comes to playing at online casinos however if there's one card that I find that I use more then others it's definitely my American Express credit card. I find that it's not only more widely accepted as a credit card at the online casinos that I play at but it also has many benefits over and above some of the other cards that I've used such as the rewards that you can claim by using your American Express at online casinos.

With respect to where you should use the card I think that most of the US player accepting online casinos that are out there are currently accepting American Express credit card deposits and thus as such they make it available and easy to use as a deposit option.

I think that if you have an Amex credit card and you find online casinos that do in fact accept Amex credit card transaction that it would be wise in trying to play there.


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Comment by: Raoul Nami On: June 03, 2010
I too agree with Thorton and blackmagic on this subject. I beleive that this credit card option and using Amex is still one of the most viable options when looking to make deposits at online casinos.
Comment by: Thorton On: June 02, 2010
Amex has and always will be one of the most viable and best ways to deposit money into online casinos. I agree with your post and beleive that US players should try using their Amex credit card when attempting to make deposits at online casinos.

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