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As a deposit option at online casinos American Express (Amex) isn't all that different from that of deposits made at online casinos using Visa and Mastercard. American Express credit cards offer a quick and convenient means of depositing at online casinos with little to no furstration over other deposit options.

Although depositing at online casinos using Amex is quick and convenient it's important to choose the right casino as not all online casinos out there are as effective in processing transactions via Amex as others. This is particularly the case when it comes to players who reside in the United States. Featured here on Casino Advisor you'll find several of the best Amex online casinos accepting US players that you'll definitely be able to deposit using your American Express card at. Read Full Review

What's Hot
  • Larger Deposit Limits then other Credit Cards
  • Instant Deposit Method
  • US Players Can Use American Express to Deposit
Not Too Hot
  • Not All Online Casinos Accept Amex

Full Review - American Express (9.40)

As mentioned above it's important to ensure that where you choose to play is an online casino that's known for being able to accept Amex credit cards. Most online casinos that accept Visa will also accept Mastercard but not all online casinos will accept or offer American Express credit cards as the merchant accounts for processing transactions for Amex cards is typically different.

Amex is a quick and easy way to deposit funds at online casinos as all you'll really need to do is either enter your details and post submit your transaction or alternatively enter your Amex credit card details first and then submit a deposit. When you're ready to make a deposit using your Amex at an online casino be sure to have the card in front of you as in general even if the online casino is storing your Amex card details in their database you'll still require the security code located on the front of your card in order to make the deposit. This is obviously done for security purposes to ensure that even if someone has managed to attain unauthorized access to your online casino account that they wouldn't be able to user your American Express credit card to make a deposit at the casino. Overall from a security stand point American Express is very good in that they require that processors implement enough security protocol to avoid any potential data being captured by outsiders. This is done by requiring that all transactions posted for processing use 128+ Bit SSL encryption which ensures that any credit card data transmitted over the web is kept safe and away from prying eyes.

Amex is especially a great deposit option at online casinos for players that intend on making larger deposits using either their American Express Platinum Card or their Amex Black Card (Centurion American Express Card). In addition to the fact that these cards have higher limits for their users typically online casinos that accept Amex will permit players to make larger deposits using this card provided they're able to provide sufficient due diligence that they are in fact the owner of the card (ie. via a faxback form).
American Express Information
Name American Express
U.S. Players Yes
Deposits Instant
Support No

9.40 / 10
Overall Score 9.40
Ease of Use 10
Promptness 10
Available to U.S. Players 9
Mulitple Currencies 8
Security 10

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