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Effortless deposits at online casinos with Amex

Rating: by: simpleton, on January 10, 2010
Pros: Better (higher) deposit limits
Cons: Seems like only a few casinos are accepting Amex these days.

One thing that I've noticed over the past year or so is in that even though making deposits at internet casinos using your credit cards has definitely become far more difficult that Amex as a credit card deposit method has prevailed for me as being one of the most successful means of depositing funds at online casinos with. Bodog for example where I play regularly, Go Casino, VIP Slots and a few other casinos online that are known for being able to accept credit cards with seamless deposits make it easy for you to use your American Express credit card. Honestly it's a great thing and the fact of the matter is that when you find a casino that you're liking playing at it's better to continue playing with them if they're able to accept your deposits via credit card then going and playing elsewhere. I for one know that myself I stick to the 4 - 5 casinos that I play at regularly cause they know me they have my fax-back for details so it's a simple and effortless expereince. This industry was never supposed to head in a direction where things were made more difficult for it to operate but rather quite the opposite. It's unfortunate that things are the way they are with the view of online gambling in the US but what can you do other then cope with it. The way I cope is by playing at casinos that can accept my Amex credit card deposits and if you're in the same boat I suggest you try to do the same thing.

The other big benefit to using your Amex card and one that's been noted several times here on the site is the fact that with your Amex card you'll generally have the ability to make large single deposits at casinos that you're playing at provided that they permit such limits and accept higher deposits.


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