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Ease of Use (10)

When it comes to making deposits at online casinos using an American Express credit card or any other credit card for that matter there's no doubt that it's by far the easiest and most convenient of the online casino deposit options out there. Especially if you intend on making larger deposits generally online casinos that accept Amex credit cards apply higher deposit limits on these cards as those bearing Platinum or Black American Express cards typically like to deposit larger amounts at casinos online. Using Amex at online casinos is just as easy as using a Visa or Mastercard.

Promptness (10)

When using Amex at online casinos that accept this type of credit card you can rest assured that if the transaction is approved which for casinos that accept the card and have good processing solutions in place that you're funds will be instantly credited to your casino account once the transaction goes though.

Available to U.S. Players (9)

Amex as a payment option is available to US players as it's really up to online casinos that accept US players to procure credit card processing that allows them to accept American Express transactions. There are a few top rated online casinos that you'll find here on Casino Advisor that accept Amex cards from US players and we highly recommend trying and playing at these casinos with your Amex before going elsewhere.

Mulitple Currencies (8)

Amex is like other credit cards in that credit card transactions are posted in whatever currency the player is playing in at the online casino. Based on where you're located in the world and which currency you're playing with at an online casino you'll find that transactions as seen on your credit card statement are posted in that currency. Ultimately Amex is a multi-currency compliant deposit option!

Security (10)

The American Express credit card is as secure as any other deposit option where financial data is being transmitted over the web. All online casinos that we feature here on Casino Advisor use 128+ Bit SSL encryption to ensure that all transactions and data you enter is secured so as to ensure that the information you submit for deposits is never compromised. You can rest assured that depositing at AMEX accepting online casinos found here on our site is a secure means of depositing.

9.40 / 10
Overall Score 9.40
Ease of Use 10
Promptness 10
Available to U.S. Players 9
Mulitple Currencies 8
Security 10

American Express Highlights
  • Larger Deposit Limits then other Credit Cards
  • Instant Deposit Method
  • US Players Can Use American Express to Deposit

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