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Why is it that one of the best online casino providers has no client?

Rating: by: gamblerstyle, on September 14, 2009
Pros: One of the sickest providers of slots games out there!
Cons: They don't have any clients as of right now :( really bummed!

Recently I wrote a review boasting the fact that Microgaming online casino software was some of the best software out there. In addition to their software I would like to add another review here on Casino Advisor to emphasis how much I'm keen on Wizard Gaming's online casino software. Having played many of the new casino software platforms out there I have to say that these guys are really excelling as a leader which baffles me as to how they don't have a client operating on their software that accepts real money. There was one that was with them for a while I'm not sure who they were but they've since left from what I read and moved onto another software platform. I think that whoever takes on using the software provided by these guys will certainly reap the benefits of Microgaming caliber games with the exception that they'll be able to accept US players.

I read a post here on Casino Advisor today discussing the international market and quite honestly I can say that I'm in agreement with most of what's said there in that the US market is still one of the biggest markets. Too bad most of the software providers out there are really poor in way of games. Perhaps they excel in other ways but all in all if your games suck then how can these casino providers actually have operators that make money. Players including myself get board of dull games. The nice thing about the games I've played thus far on the Wizard Gaming platform is that they're entertaining and more then that the elaborate bonus rounds in some of their games rival that only of a provider like Microgaming.

The posts that I was talking about regarding the international vs. US casinos can be found here:


Ultimately and in my hopes I beleive that Wizard Gaming will hopefully release a new client on their software relatively soon.


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Comment by: Alice B On: September 15, 2009
Hey gamblerstyle just wanted to commend you on your review here. I agree with you totally that they are a great software provider. I too look forward to playing with them and I'm not even from the US. I think that they bring a lot of good qualities to the table!

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