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Tried their casino software out and really wasn't a big fan.

Rating: by: donald2, on February 24, 2010
Pros: Good slots games
Cons: Crashes, lack of game selection, etc...

Reading some of the other reviews here on the site that have been submitted by other players I find that it's kind of strange that there's so many of you who really love and enjoy playing Wizard Gaming software. The fact that they don't have a real money operation going right now nor any clients running on their software definitely does kind of suck for them but more then that I found that there were a number of things that I didn't really like in their software which I've only been able to play for free up till this point.

The first thing that I really didn't like which is something that none of us really like is the fact that the software crashed a number of times on me while I was playing. I've been playing at slotscountry.co.uk which by the way you can try playing although you won't have the opportunity to play for real money in doing so right now. This is a real pain when it happens as you have to restart the casino again, etc...

The second thing that I wasn't a fan of was that there are several main types of games that are common to most other online casino software platforms out there that I'd be interested playing. As such those include games like craps and roulette neither of which can be found featured in the suite of games.

The things that I did like was that they have a good selection of original and compelling slots games from which to choose from and play. The slots games they offer are different then for the most part what you'll find is being offered by other online casino software companies out there.

Overall I don't suppose that they're the worst but I think that they really have a long ways to still go before they become a real competitor in the market.


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