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Omni Casino Player Reviews and Votes

Not Overly Impressed With Omni Casino
Rating: by: luckylane, on February 04, 2016
Pros: Keno game
Cons: Can't win
So I hear that this casino is quick with payouts. I agree that the two times I won, I got paid fast. Unfortunately, it took a couple of months before I won anything to withdraw. Then I won twice fairly close together and, like I said, was paid out quickly. The problem is it's been nearly a year since then and I keep depositing without... Read More »
Omni is an uncsrupulous casino
Rating: by: Mandalay, on December 21, 2014
Pros: Regular Promotions
Cons: Use bonuses offered in promotions against players
Omni is an unscrupulous casino. They issued a $160 bonus on a $100 deposit. As always, their wagering requirements were hectic, far more than any other casino where I've played. Also, they set the player up for failure by limiting the amount the player can bet to $6 per bet until the wagering requirements are satisfied. Since receiving my bonus, I... Read More »
Omni casino better off on Playtech then Crypto software.
Rating: by: corbindallas, on December 24, 2009
Pros: Omni Casino is now on Playtech's casino software big upgrade!
Cons: No slots tournaments available and they did have that at Cryptologic.
One of the best things that Omni Casino has done to facilitate a positive outlook towards their future IMHO has been the switch they made from using Cryptologic's online casino software platform to the Playtech software platform. I don't think that Cryptologic software is horrible and it has been getting a lot better but there was a time when I... Read More »
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