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Omni casino better off on Playtech then Crypto software.

Rating: by: corbindallas, on December 24, 2009
Pros: Omni Casino is now on Playtech's casino software big upgrade!
Cons: No slots tournaments available and they did have that at Cryptologic.

One of the best things that Omni Casino has done to facilitate a positive outlook towards their future IMHO has been the switch they made from using Cryptologic's online casino software platform to the Playtech software platform. I don't think that Cryptologic software is horrible and it has been getting a lot better but there was a time when I remember how frustrating their software really was. Anyways that's besides the point and the fact that they've moved over is really great. One of the main reasons I started playing with them was because they were one of the first Playtech online casinos to have introduced the new Marvel selection of video slots games to the suite of games they have available within the casino. These games are great graphically, audio wise and overall game play wise. If you ever get a chance I highly recommend the Ironman slot as well as their Hulk slot game which are two awesome games that I think that all avid slots players should have a play on.

More then all that it just seems like the management team at Omni Casino knows what they're doing when it comes to running an online casino. They've been around for such a long time that they obviously should and because they do I'm really happy to say that they're one of my favorite online casinos that I play at.

The only downside to their moving over to the Playtech platform would be in my opinion that they lost tournaments which was a feature they used to have when powered by Cryptologic software which I always liked and find that a few other software providers are offering. A software provider as big as Playtech really should have tournaments available within their software platform.

Offering some great sign-up bonuses and other types of promotional offers at the casino you'll find that they have more then enough to make you feel appreciated as a returning player and very welcome and eager to play as a newcomer to the casino. the large selection of online casino games they offer in addition to the great service team and well thought out aspects of the Playtech software that they're powered by make it really fun and enjoyable to play at their casino each and every time you play there.


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