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Not Overly Impressed With Omni Casino

Rating: by: luckylane, on February 04, 2016
Pros: Keno game
Cons: Can't win

So I hear that this casino is quick with payouts. I agree that the two times I won, I got paid fast. Unfortunately, it took a couple of months before I won anything to withdraw. Then I won twice fairly close together and, like I said, was paid out quickly.

The problem is it's been nearly a year since then and I keep depositing without winning, always thinking, maybe this time I'll finally be lucky, but nope, it's just disappointment every time.

Now I'm a regular gambler so I understand that with every deposit comes the risk of losing your money, however, I have had much better luck in all the microgaming casinos I have played at. Of course, I don't win every time nor do I expect to, but at least I sometimes do, unlike at Omni.

I know I should just stop playing there since it's clearly not my lucky casino, and I have deleted the casino several times in the past year. But I keep trying it because I love the keno game at the playtech casino better than in the microgaming casino. I go to Omni specifically to play keno, but am disappointed that I have better luck at landline casinos playing keno than at Omni. I love playing there, but I think it's time to give it up and hopefully find another playtech casino that accepts Canadian players where I can actually withdraw every now and again.

I'm not rating it terrible because I do like the games and again, when I did manage to win, they paid quickly, but for my overall personal experience, I have to say poor.


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