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Really love the Moneybookers online gambling bank method.

Rating: by: turnbull, on February 28, 2010
Pros: Quick and easy to use to make deposits and withdrawals to and from casinos.
Cons: Some limits on deposits and withdrawals that can be done without.

Having used credit cards and then NETeller I found both quite honestly to be frustrating and time consuming to use when I want to play at online casinos. As someone who doesn't have an overwhelming amount of time to spend on my online entertainment such as when playing at online casinos I like to know that I can get funds into a casino account relatively quickly when I'm looking at playing and thus like to work with methods such as Moneybookers to do so. In my expereince so far with Moneybookers I've found it to be one of the most effective tools in being able to make both deposits and withdrawals to and from online casinos and more importantly though getting your money out of their e-wallet is much easier then with some of the other alternate banking options that are out there and available. I think that convenience is a key factor in what makes playing at online casinos beneficial. If you take the convenience factor out of this sure there'll be tons of people who will still continue to play, however a lot of people won't because they just won't want to jump though hoops.

If you're looking for a banking solution to use that's convenient and easy to use and backed by a great reputation I think that Moneybookers may very well be a great option for you to consider using.

Also something else worth mentioning is that their customer support is great and I really love them. Whenever it comes to anything to do with financial if you're able to get a customer support agent on the phone, e-mail and or chat very easily when I think that you're in good hands. This is just the case here with Moneybookers.

Before signing up for an account with them though be sure to check the terms and conditions of allowed countries as people who want to use their banking method from certain countries such as the United States are not able to.


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Comment by: Kelly Smith On: March 02, 2010
Yeah they do have a great banking method it's a really professional and I think that all players who have difficulties in depositing at online casinos should make use of their banking method.

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