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How to Use Moneybookers at Online Casinos

When it comes down to getting started in an online gaming account quickly and easily, credit cards have thus far been the preferred method for prospective players. The truth of the matter is, it's a fine way to go if one can facilitate purchases through it. But online gamblers are also very conscious about their privacy, and sometimes the credit card transaction, which is tied to a bank, isn't the best way to go in that respect. When you do business with a bank your transaction can be subject to scrutiny, especially if it is the result of an international money transfer, and in this era of terrorism paranoia, such activity can find itself being monitored, if the amount of money involved is big enough.

Such is the case now in places like the U.S., for example, where the Patriot Act, as well as the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), has the potential to force banks to violate the privacy of their customers. This is often done under the cover of "fighting terrorism."

More and more, the player who wants to do business with online casinos and be assured that those transactions are going to be private are turning to the "alternate payment method." This is the electronic wallet, which can act as a go-between for the customer with an online gaming enterprise in such a way that it protects the player's right to a private and secure way to get in on the action.

Government agencies that monitor banks don't necessarily have the same kind of authority over these companies, and besides, many of them are headquartered in an area where online gaming is legal and regulated. MoneyBookers is an example of one of these payment facilitators.

Conversely, companies like PayPal, which were formerly a very popular choice among players, had offices in the U.S. and felt political pressure, whether directly or indirectly, to halt money transactions for online gaming (part of the reason was also that it was acquired by eBay). NETeller, the world's largest independent money transfer business, which had a presence in the U,S., was shut down for domestic gaming transactions and saw accounts frozen by government forces. Consequently, NETeller has chosen to stay out of the U,S, market, for the time being anyway.

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