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A great online casino banking method and overall payment option

Rating: by: carmendia, on July 02, 2009
Pros: Easy to use, safe and secure and accepted by most online casinos.
Cons: None really that I've found so far.

I've you're ever looking for a quality banking option you may want to consider using Moneybookers. As an alternative payment option it's quite nice. I found using Moneybookers to be very intuitive right from the get go. In terms of quality of service I would rank them up there with services like NETeller and Paypal with respect to reliability, security and overall ease of usage.

The nice thing about the Moneybookers solution for usage with online casino sites is that most online casinos out there accept Moneybookers as a means of allowing players to deposit and withdrawal funds to and from the account.

When you first create your account you'll have to verify the account so if you're expecting to use your Moneybookers account to deposit funds into an online casino you'll have to hold off until you've verified your account. The whole process of verifying your account is very simple though and really no more hassle then doing the same thing with NETeller or Paypal.

More then it's usage as a means of depositing funds to and from casinos it's also great when you want to transfer funds between people. Similar to Paypal and NETeller, Moneybookers let's you transfer monies between different accounts. So if you're purchasing an item or whether you're sending a friend a few hundred dollars for a birthday gift it can be done very easily with Moneybookers.

I think that currently of all the alternative banking methods I use Moneybookers is the one I use most predominantly. The other big benefit I haven't mentioned yet is really in their fee structure which is far better then that of Paypal or NETeller's services which charge large fees to transfer funds.

So if you're looking for a great payment option to deposit with and are a NON-US citizen I suggest giving Moneybookers a try as I very much doubt you'll be disappointed.


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