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Playing Vegas Technology Baccarat

All online casino gaming software providers offer baccarat in their portfolio of games and Vegas Technology is no exception. At Vegas Technology online casinos baccarat can be found in the table games section. The game takes very little time to download.

The screen layout is pleasing and convenient. The three betting areas are large and clearly marked. These are Banker, Tie and Player. The Tie bet pays out only 8 to 1, as against 9 to 1 in some casinos. However this should not matter because in any event the Tie bet is a sucker bet and should never be wagered. The cards are also very large and there is absolutely no problem in recognizing them. Therefore baccarat at Vegas Technology online casino can be played without having to size the window in the full screen mode.

The minimum bet is $5 and the maximum bet is $500. Wagers between these two limits can be placed in increments of $5. $5, $10, $25 and $100 denomination chips are provided. A minimum wager of $5 may be on the higher side for low rollers and if this is beyond the budget then players should play baccarat at an online casino powered by some other software provider. The payout for wagering on the Banker is 1 to 1 less a 5% commission. At the minimum wager of $5 the payout is $4.75, which is paid out in full. Therefore players do not have to worry about any loss resulting from rounding up of the payouts.

After the players have placed the wager two icons come into play. One is the Clear icon which can be used to withdraw the wager. The other is the Deal icon, clicking on which initiates the dealing of the cards. Baccarat is played between a dummy Banker and a dummy Player. In online baccarat the software is programmed to deal additional cards as required by the rules of the game and hence players need not get involved with understanding or remembering the rules. Once a hand is played out the existing bet remains on the table and players can use the Rebet button for dealing fresh cards with the same wager. Or they can clear the existing bet and place a fresh one.

Suitable text messages explain what is happening in the game. After two cards are dealt face up to the Banker and the Player the hand values are displayed. If the Player is required to take another card that text message says Card for Player. Then another card is dealt to the Player and his final hand value displayed. After that if the Banker is required to take another card that text message says Card for Banker. Then another card is dealt to the Banker and his final hand value displayed. If the Player wins the text message says Player Wins; if the Banker wins the text message says Banker Wins and if it is a tie the text message says Tie. Players who have a sound card installed in their system should play baccarat at Vegas Technology online casinos with Game Sound enabled. This will permit them to hear that messages in the dealer's voice. In addition they can also enable the Background Sound which plays background music.

Some customization options are available in baccarat at Vegas Technology online casinos. There are four volume options for both Game Sound and Background Sound. Players can enable the Animation option in which the animation of dealing the cards is displayed. The Animation option has three card speeds and players can choose the one they are most comfortable with. Disabling this option does away with the animations and the cards are displayed directly face up. This is the fastest game speed. The Vegas Technology baccarat game also displays an outcome history. However, good baccarat players will ignore this, because the best strategy is to always wager on the Banker despite the 5% commission charged by the casino.

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