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Baccarat Glossary

Baccarat - Baccarat is one of the more popular gambling games. It is also considered the worst hand to get when playing the game.

Banker Bet - This is a type of bet in which the banker needs to win the hand for you to win the bet.

Baccarat en Banque - The literal translation of this is Zero in Bank. It is just another variation of Baccarat.

Best Baccarat Bet - This type of bet is when the bet is placed on the banker. There is a 45 percent chance to win with this bet, which is the highest probability.

Banco - This term stands for bank, but in the game it means a player at the table wants to bet the entire bankroll.

Bankroll - This is the amount of money you bring to the table to bet.

Coup - This is the word for round in Baccarat.

Croupier - This term is just another name for dealer, and only applied to certain games. This is the person that will hand out the cards and be in charge of the deck during the play.

Chemin-de-fer - This term is literally translated as railway; it is also a variation of the Baccarat game.

Cheval - Depending on the Baccarat game you have a rule that allows a player to have two hands. If the player wins both hands then the round goes to them. If only one hand is won this is considered a tie.

Commission - Commission in Baccarat has the same meaning as it would in any other context; it is a certain percent that the house takes as profit on the bankers winning. In other words if you bet on the bank being the winner you owe a typical commission of 5 percent.

Down Card - This term states the orientation of the card; in this case it is face down and will remain in that position until the play has been called.

Dealer - The dealer is a gambling establishment's employee that offers the cards, see Croupier.

Face Cards - Face cards are jacks, queens, and kings in the deck. This is because they have an actual face to the card.

High Roller - A high roller is a person that makes very big bets.

House Edge - The house edge is dependent on the game, but it is the advantage of the house towards winning.

Le Grande - A translation of the French means the big. In Baccarat the big hand is a hand with a total of 9. It is the natural hand.

Mini-baccarat - This just states the size of the table, often this is a version found in smaller casinos.

Muck - This is the discard pile of all cards, even those hands that have been folded.

Natural - A natural hand is when you have the points you need right out of the gate. In this case a natural hand is considered an 8 or 9 made from two cards.

Palette - This is a tool used by the Croupier to move the cards around the table.

Punto Banco - Punto is translated as point from the Spanish word. So this would mean Point Bank, it is just another term for Baccarat.

Punto - This is a term used to describe the player.

Petite - Translation from French tells us this word means small. In Baccarat this describes a hand when you have 8 total points.

Player Bet - For this bet you are placing it on the player's hand, which means you think the player will win.

Railroad - See Chemin de Fer. This is also another game of Baccarat.

Shoe - This is the contraption the decks are held in so the Croupier will give out the proper cards. It normally looks like a box with an area to slide the cards from.

Shuffle Up - This is when the Croupier shuffles the cards before the round begins.

Shooter - This is just a word for bank in Baccarat.

Standoff - This is a tie, meaning the player and dealer has the same total for their hands.

Super Pan Nine - A variation of Baccarat.

Streak - In gambling you are said to have a streak when you are stuck in a rut, such as several wins in a row or several losses in a row.

Tie Bet - This bet is when you think the Croupier and player are going to have the same hand.

VIP - As we all know VIP stands for very important person, which would be a high roller in a casino.

Upcard - This is when the card is displayed face up for everyone to see.

Baccarat Lessons
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