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Baccarat Strategy

Some casino games don't really offer a strategy because it is more of a game of chance rather than skill. With Baccarat it is hard to determine any type of strategy that can be used. This game doesn't allow for the rounds to be dependent on each other. There are six to eight decks used in a shoe that is randomly shuffled. This means that you can't really predict what cards will come up next, even when you count cards. The chance of winning is therefore the same in every hand. There are some players of Baccarat who believe they have the perfect strategy, but the truth is they are trying to sell a book or their site online. Strategies in this game are usually card counting, pattern watching, and a streak, but that is all related to chance.

Casinos actually offer a board that will display the previous hands. The player doesn't have to remember what has been played as they can see it on the board. Some casinos offer paper and pen for this tracking. The idea is to spot a pattern in the hands played and then bet accordingly. The casino of course doesn't feel threatened by this use of the board because there really is no pattern. The hands are completely separate from the others. Basically using common sense in Baccarat is the only way to win. For example the house has the edge, always. Second if the house has won the last eight games you can be pretty certain the next hand will also be won by the banker. However, there is no probability or pattern to actually suggest there is truth in this. Each round has a 50 percent chance of the banker winning, just like there is a 50 percent chance the player will win. The point is don't count on the board to show you a pattern, the chance is you will be wrong if you look for a pattern. If the casino is willing to offer you the means of detecting a pattern you can be pretty sure there is no use in it, the house will never give up its edge.

Card counting is not something a casino wants to see. If you have ever watched a casino movie you know that this strategy is taken pretty seriously and the casinos tend to get angry. Card counting can work when you play online or try to do so, on the casino floor without giving up what you are doing. Blackjack is a game in which you can have a lot of success as a card counter. You might even think that it will work in Baccarat; however you only have three bets to place each round and you can't change your strategy for winning. In other words it is not very useful, and could end up throwing you off the rules. Most of the time the discarded cards are placed back in the shoe, so there again it is a useless option.

Some individuals try the mathematical approach. These systems are usually designed to help with winning. Some have found a great deal of success with Baccarat and Roulette. The bets are 1:1 odds meaning you have a chance to win with either the player or the banker or on even money bets for the Roulette wheel. So for this type of bet the idea of the 1-3-2-6 option is used. This system is discussed more in the 'Buying a Baccarat System' on this website. There is also the Martingale thought system in which you double your bet every time you lose, so that you make up your losses. For example if you bet $5 and lost then you would bet $10 on the next round and on until you actually win.

These and other mathematical systems can work, but they are short term. In other words casinos have table limits, and often you tend to lose a great deal before making it up again; the potential that you run out of money before you recoup your loses is always there. If you want to win and win big, you shouldn't use this type of system.

You can of course try to find your own strategy, as our article here shows that most of the strategies we know about are not very helpful. The truth is that you need to make the proper decisions in the game for what it is. Having fun is the most important aspect of this game.

Baccarat Lessons
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