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Played the Wizard Gaming software for free and I want more!

Rating: by: sambatto, on December 28, 2009
Pros: New and innovative concepts and games.
Cons: No casinos that offer live real money play using this software yet.

I tried playing the Wizard Gaming online casino software from Slots Country today which was only available currently and at present for free play and I really have to say that I was fairly impressed with the the whole thing. The games are definitely the highlight of this new online casino software provider. I don't however like the fact that they don't offer craps and roulette yet. Although I'm more of a slot player I do find that I enjoy dabbling in these other game types from time to time. Once Wizard Gaming does offer a full suite of games I think that what will happen is that they will really stand a chance to become a major player in the gambling software market. Although it's still to be determined what's going to happen to them as they don't even have one real client that's running on their software where you can play for real money. Hopefully that will change as I'd like to try playing some of the casino slots games they offer for real money sooner then later.

A few worthy things to mention about them is that they're innovative. It seems like this software company has decided to solely focus on slots at first and then introduce other types of games eventually. Looks like they now have blackjack and video poker so I would assume that they'll offer the other game types in the not so distant future either. In addition to all that though there are features that are available within their casino product that make them unique such as the ability to toggle between coins and credits in the games, interesting and unique bonus rounds, the best audio I've seen in online casino games and other cool stuff that I'm sure will only get better as time goes on.

So keep your eye out for new online casinos that will be operating on this platform as I think that they're hopefully going to have something up and running soon...


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Comment by: Channy On: January 08, 2010
Their software is pretty dope actually but it is kind of a shame that they don't have any real live operators running off of their platform. Hopefully this will be something that will come to change relatively soon in the near future but if not I don't see much more of a future for these guys unless they're able to do something different with their software or perhaps just license out their games to other casinos out there that want to use their games as their games are pretty much what rule.

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