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The Wizard Gaming online casino platform is one of the best new ones

Rating: by: dilanrobertson, on October 08, 2009
Pros: Some great slots games.
Cons: Lacking on odd game types (baccarat, keno, etc...)

I've played at Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, OddsOn (now Vegas Technology), etc... types of software and of the new software providers that have developed online casino platforms I have to say that the one that I find most impressive of the new batch of software providers that have seriously entered into the market which include (TopGame, Rival and Wizard Gaming) is definitely Wizard Gaming without a doubt!

Sure they are a newer software provider and have gone down the route of developing a quality product and taking their time to get it to market vs. some of the other new providers out there that appear to have pushed their online casino software to the market without sufficient research in the development of their software in general but more importantly in their games. The Top game slots games suck and there's no other way to describe them. I was really disappointed in the game play expereince there, the quality of the graphics and sound. I don't think that I'll be playing with them any longer. Additionally Rvial Gaming's software albeit is better then the Top game software platform and their games is still far less desirable then that of Wizard Gaming's software. Their software although isn't as fully featured in terms of game set as some of the other provider it has been shown recently and before the leaving of All Star Slots (their only client at the time) that they started to introduce 2 blackjack games and 1 video poker game. It's evident that slots is no longer the sole focus of the software provider and that they're gearing up towards outputting the full suite of games that they really need in order to be taken seriously.

In general there are a few games within their software platform that I really love and enjoy playing even though I can't play money I can play them for fun at the test and demo site that Wizard Gaming currently has setup and running that people like you and I can play at until they launch with a new client that has the ability to take real money wagers. Anyways the games I'm referring to that are worth checking out are: Rocket Girl, Groove City, and Divin' For Pearls. All three of these slots games are awesome and if you love playing slots that are more elaborate then the rest of what's currently out there then you're going to want to check these games out. Also something that's nice to play is their Bahamas blackjack with a cool Caribbean type vibe going on.


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