Classic Blackjack Player Reviews
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Classic Blackjack Player Reviews and Votes

New Wizard Gaming Casino Blackjack is an Improvement
Rating: by: dinolucci, on May 23, 2009
Pros: Game was just revised from it's first release and is much better.
Cons: With the current release of this game does not allow right mouse click to remove chips.
The new blackjack found at Wizard Gaming powered online casinos which is still just a simple "Classic Blackjack" variant a much improvement from their first release of this game. The first release of this game was definitely their first stab at developing a "NON Slot" game and I was quite impressed but now with the new release of this game I'm... Read More »
Wizard Gaming Casino Classic Blackjack Fun
Rating: by: burleyhurley, on March 28, 2009
Pros: Clean looking deisgn and intuitive.
Cons: Slow game play, lacks some of the luster that say a Microgaming blackjack offers
Got around to playing Wizard Gaming's newly released blackjack games which I must say is a very good first stab at blackjack for this online casino software provider whose been focusing their development efforts mainly on slots games until just recently. The classic blackjack game actually follows Microgaming's classic blackjack rules which are... Read More »
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