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Rating: by: burleyhurley, on March 28, 2009
Pros: Clean looking deisgn and intuitive.
Cons: Slow game play, lacks some of the luster that say a Microgaming blackjack offers

Got around to playing Wizard Gaming's newly released blackjack games which I must say is a very good first stab at blackjack for this online casino software provider whose been focusing their development efforts mainly on slots games until just recently. The classic blackjack game actually follows Microgaming's classic blackjack rules which are slightly prohibitive in game play and don't really mimic true Vegas style blackjack. I do think that it's a good attempt at blackjack but they must brush up on a few things if they want to appeal to the masses of blackjack players out there. Things as such are the following:

1. The speed of the blackjack game is way too slow. Players like to play through a lot of hands in blackjack and this game is restricts from being able to do so.

2. Although the graphics are nice I think that they can use some improvement as they lack luster that Microgaming blackjack and other casino blackjack games offer.

3. If this will be their only blackjack variation then I personally think they should have gone down another route which would be to develop a game that is more common with the rules of blackjack that's played in Vegas.

Anyways it's a great game and I'm just being a bit picky but I do believe that Wizard Gaming will release another version of this game or a few other variants.


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