Vegas Technology Keno Review

Vegas Technology Keno Payout Tables and Rules

Game Rules and Payout Details

Game Rules

The player has to make two choices. He has to select up to 15 spots on the keno ticket. And he has to select the amount being wagered. The software then reveals the 20 spots called. The payout is made based on the payout table.

Payout Schedule

There are different payout schedules for different number of spots selected by the player. When the player makes the spots selection the corresponding payout table is displayed. An important feature in Vegas Technology keno is that even a small number of hits give some payout. Therefore players usually end up winning marginal amounts at least. Unfortunately this is compensated for by lower payouts for a large number of hits.

The payout schedule for selecting the 15 spots is as follows. The payout for 3 hits is 0.5; the payout for 4 hits is 0.5; the payout for 5 hits is 1; the payout for 6 hits is 2; the payout for 7 hits is 5; the payout for 8 hits is 15; the payout for 9 hits is 50; the payout for 10 hits is 150; the payout for 11 hits is 300; the payout for 12 hits is 600; the payout for 13 hits is 1200; the payout for 14 hits is 2500 and the payout for 15 hits is 10000.

Vegas Technology Keno Quick Facts
Software Vegas Technology
Min. Bet 1
Max. Bet 10
Speed of Game Adjustable
Autoplay Yes


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Hot Features of this Game
  • Music and audio effects
  • Auto play 5 or 10 tickets
  • Game speed adjustment
  • Great animation

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