Vegas Technology Keno Details Page

    Vegas Technology Keno Details Page

Software (9)

The Vegas Technology software is extremely customer friendly. It scores high on customization, smooth play and also attractiveness. The only draw back is that the quick pick option is missing.

Easy to Understand (10)

Vegas Technology keno is a simple game. A Help section has been provided, which is likely to assist new players.

Graphics & Sounds (10)

This section does everything possible in a keno game. The numbers and text are clear. Where possible, buttons are indicated by icons so as to introduce graphics in the page. The animation and sound effects of the balls rolling into the slot will induce players to play again and again. Peppy background music has been provided. The sound volume has four levels to choose from.

Game Speed (10)

Players can chose from three games speeds through the animation speed. This customization is very important because there are players who like to play at super speeds and others who savor a more leisurely pace.

Game Features (10)

The usual game features are available, except the quick pick one. The bet range starts from 1.00 and will disappoint low rollers who like to wager fractional bets. The payouts for the high hits are also not very attractive. Vegas Technology keno seems to cater to the conservative players who would wager reasonably higher amounts.

Fun Factor (9)

Vegas Technology takes several steps to enhance the fun factor. The playing experience is made attractive through animation and music. Payouts for few hits increase the chances of winning. The thrill of bumper payouts for huge hits is however not there, but such hits are extremely rare.

9.67 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 10
Game Speed 10
Game Features 10
Fun Factor 9

Vegas Technology Keno Highlights
  • Music and audio effects
  • Auto play 5 or 10 tickets
  • Game speed adjustment
  • Great animation

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