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Interesting Concept for Video Slot Game at Vegas Tech Casinos

Rating: by: kennycurron, on February 27, 2010
Pros: A good online casino game.
Cons: Relatively low 5 symbol prize wins.

I play at Vegas Technology casinos regularly and this online casino game called Grail Maiden is definitely a game in which I think that people will like if they enjoy playing at Vegas Technology online casinos to begin with. I like playing at their casinos and I was ecstatic when I started playing this game for a number of reasons by primarily because it's the best online casino game that they're currently offering in their suite of casino games.

The game is what they call in the industry an "All Pays" slot game meaning that it doesn't use any paylines but rather wins are incurred by scatter symbols in the game. A concept that you'll actually find a lot of the time in land based casinos but still a fairly new concept introduced in online casinos. Unfortunately there are a few down sides to these kinds of all pays games such as that when you start playing you'll notice as well which is basically that the prizes are generally fairly low. Because there's the option of winning 243 times in these games I suppose they need to curb the size of the wins to that they don't go beyond control.

Anyways if you're looking for a cool new game type to play and like playing at Vegas Technology software powered online casinos this is a game that I'd suggest checking out and trying if you haven't already. I would imagine that this is one of their most popular games and thus as a result would hope to see them introduce more games of this type at some point in the near future.


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Comment by: Eric Millier On: March 03, 2010
There's quite a lot of all plays online casino games that are coming about now. They're cool and all but I think that to some degree that I still prefer playing the standard payline type online casino games.
Comment by: Smitty On: March 01, 2010
Agreed one of their better online casino games for sure many people like this game but I know that there are a lot of online casino players out there who also don't really like this game!

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