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There is truly nothing more disconcerting to a customer than to have a bank, or government agency, snooping around details related to banking transactions. Generally banks are very guarded about the privacy of their customers, but in recent years, with security a problem in many countries, private details in accounts can have a way of not being so private. When transactions involve gaming, things can be very sensitive, as you know if you have been playing online for any length of time.

Credit cards are a great way to establish a casino account, but it has become more difficult for many people to execute a transaction through that method. Transactions are often "coded," and the type of transaction is identified that way. But when the customer makes use of certain "electronic wallets," those transactions are routed through this electronic payment system itself, so, as the customer, your account details, not to mention the nature of your transaction, is guarded.

This is obviously an attractive part of doing business, and that is why many online casino players have gravitated toward it. When you toss in the fact that the accounts are pretty easy to set up, and that purchases can be completed in real-time, there is no surprise that services such as UseMyBank, which has a similar effect to using a debit card, are popular.
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  • Security is a major priority
  • Limited information required
  • Resembles debit card transaction
  • Instant deposits

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