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Spin Palace casino an expereince that could be better.

Rating: by: microfan, on April 28, 2011
Pros: Microgaming software
Cons: They're rude to you on the phone if you need support

I liked playing at Spin Palace casino for a while until I realized how incompetent their management people are.

Spin Palace and their group of online casinos although operated on my favorite casino software platform Microgaming software lack in respect where other Microgaming online casinos really are better. I for example was playing with them and tried getting though to their customer support team did and while speaking to them they were rude and abrasive. I do beleive that they need to clean up house there at the company if they want to continue in this industry ad a main player.

I followed up my call with a letter to management which was never responded to because I think that they just don't care.

Now I've been playing at Platinum Play casino which I feel is a much better online casino in that they know how to treat their players properly.


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