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Spin Palace is one of the most compelling casinos I've played!

Rating: by: dayton, on March 01, 2010
Pros: Solid Microgaming online casino site.
Cons: Non-US accepting online casino!

Often times friends and family that know that I'm into gambling online at casinos ask me why I play online and whether I get board of playing online and I always give them the same answer over and over again which is no. The reason I tell them is because playing online at internet casinos is better in most respects for what I enjoy playing which are slots games. Really when you can open an internet casino and gain access to over 300 games which you can play in virtually minutes as soon as they're all downloaded onto your computer is great. No more waiting to play your favorite slot machine game or getting a seat at a 5 dollar blackjack table. When I explain things like this they all kind of get it and now I think that many of them play more then I do, haha.

I really like playing online and like to play a variety of casinos that are using different casino platforms. From Microgaming casinos to Playtech casinos and a variety of others. I think that best way to get the most from internet gambling and playing at these casinos is to play at a few but only play at at one or two different casinos from each of the main software providers as all in all they're very similar to one another. Spin Palace Casino is the Microgaming casino that I play mostly these days along with a few Playtech casinos. Spin Palace has been really good to me and I beleive them to be notorious for just that being good to their players. As we're all players or so I would think you're a player if you're reading this review on their casino that I'm writing we can all appreciate when we're being treated well and if there's one thing that can be said about this online casino it's that you'll be treated well.

From their initial bonus offering to everything else they offer at their casino I beleive that if you try them that you'll really like playing with them. I find the fact that they offer play and pay in a number of currencies to be very attractive as well for those of you looking for the same kind of thing. Check them out and if you don't like them come back and you can bitch me out here on this site...


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