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Spin Palace online casino a trusted and reputable one to play at!

Rating: by: rogermorris, on November 19, 2009
Pros: Opimal bonus offer - nice loyalty reward structure - top of the line customer service
Cons: They're almost too good to be true, lol... just kidding!

Spin Palace online casino isn't the only Microgaming casino that I play at these days but it certainly is the one that I've grown the most fond of. Most Microgaming online casinos are very similar not all that much different then most casinos that are all powered by the same casino software provider. This is always going to be the case. Where online casinos always differentiate themselves is in various aspects of the operational side of running their casino. As such things such as the level of customer support and VIP services that they run, their loyalty rewards program, whether they offer any custom games that other casinos powered by the same software provider do not offer and one of the most important aspect of all what kind of bonus schemes do they have in place both as a new depositor to the casino as well as on going bonuses and promotions that they offer. Both of these last two factors are important to me as a player not because I like to abuse bonus offers but because I see it as a respect thing getting good bonuses from the casinos that I play at and at Spin Palace casino I always feel like I'm treated well.

Of the casino games that you'll find at their casino as I mentioned earlier in my review they're pretty much the same as all other Microgaming casinos, however as a major industry player Spin Palace casino must have some power in that they have at least one or two games that I've played in the past that are unique to their casino operation and available only at their casino as AFAIK.

Should you be interested in playing at a Microgaming casino that can offer you a great gaming experince and is what I consider to be one of the best Microgaming casinos out there then I really think that you'll enjoy and have a good time playing at Spin Palace casino.

All the best and have lots of fun playing online!



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