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Slots Galore Player Reviews and Votes

Slots Galore online casino well dignified sites to play at.
Rating: by: yolanda, on April 09, 2010
Pros: Fabulous bonus offers and great casino in general.
Cons: Had some issues with credit card deposits at first but that's been sorted out.
Online casinos are plentiful online and if you've played one you've played them all or so that's what I've been thinking until I started playing at Slots Galore online casino where I now feel as though where you do play makes all the difference in the experience that you have while gambling online and playing at these internet casino sites that... Read More »
Playing Slots Galore Online Casino Entertaining
Rating: by: dmcnamara, on March 22, 2010
Pros: Great games, nice customer support
Cons: They have quite a few cookie cutter video slot games.
Playing at more then one online casino is key to getting a well rounded gaming experience. More then that though playing at online casinos that are powered by the different online casino software providers out there especially is key in this whole thing. I beleive that if you play at one online casino that over time regardless of how many new... Read More »
Slots Galore online casino offers more then just slots games.
Rating: by: eaton121, on February 11, 2010
Pros: Online casino tournament offering really great.
Cons: Slots games are average for a slots branded online casino!
I find that players will often times look at the name of an online casino to depict what kind of casino it is in terms of it's flavor and vibe as per what you could expect to find at the casino. Personally I never use this as a gauge or means of figuring out the casino. I prefer playing there and making my own assessment based on personal... Read More »
Slots Galore - a great online casino for all kinds of players!
Rating: by: baneplay, on December 18, 2009
Pros: Easy to play, download, etc...
Cons: Nada
Hello there fellow online casino players, My name is Chad Smith I'm an avid player of online casinos and big gambler both online and offline in general. I've been playing at online casinos now for several years and in that time have acquired and gained a substantial amount of knowledge and incite into the world of online casinos and gambling on... Read More »
Slots Galore online casino fun with a great bonus incentive.
Rating: by: andrewk, on November 25, 2009
Pros: One of the greatest long term bonuses I've seen.
Cons: Still just another Vegas Technology online casino same games, etc...
It's always nice when you see online casinos and more importantly the management that backs and runs online casinos doing something innovative. I've been playing at Millionaire Casino for some time now and received a promotion from the same group that runs Millionaire to go and check out their new online casino Slots Galore. The casinos aren't... Read More »
Slots Galore a great new English Harbour group online casino
Rating: by: billyminor, on October 30, 2009
Pros: Easy to navigate website, new games, nice bonus offers
Cons: Not anything that I can think of right now!
I've played at Vegas Technology casinos since way back when the software company was still called Odds On software and more importantly been playing at casinos that are a part of the English Harbour group of online casinos. Just a few days back I was send an e-mail from them to try out their new online casino called Slots Galore. To my surprise... Read More »
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