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Roulette History

European Roulette and 'The Devils' Game'

The translation of Roulette is "little wheel" from the French. The origins of Roulette are typically thought to be from France; however like most casino games you will find the waters are a little muddy. It is hard to determine where the game truly came from. Most note the game was invented by Blaise Pascal, a mathematician in the 17th century. From there the game was adapted by Louis and Francois Blanc in the late 19th century. They were the ones to add the zero to make the house edge more. The game was not allowed in France during the 19th century, so the two decided to begin in Germany with the new wheel.

Francois began the Monte Carlo Casinos when he brought Roulette to the country. The devil theory came from this move in which Blanc had to talk with the devil in order to get the roulette wheels secrets. When you add the numbers zero through 36 together you get 666, which is the devils number, and therefore the reason roulette was banished for a time.

American Roulette

American Roulette came from the European version in the 19th century. About the time the Blancs added the zero the game began to move to North America. To make sure that the game could be thought of as different the double zero was added. It was also a way to increase the odds for the house. The fact is in the 19th century America was not the only place enamored with the game. Several countries in Europe were also playing the game. It has been considered the most popular casino game throughout history.

If you want to know about the strategy of the game then you have to look at the betting options you have. This is the only place you can find help. You see you have no control over the wheel or marble, therefore you have to rely on your instincts and chance to win the bets. The marble will be thrown by the Croupier in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. This provides the momentum needed in order to get the marble going and landing in a random spot. You have 38 slots on the American Roulette wheel that the marble can land. Two of those slots are the zero and double zero in which you lose if the marble lands there. The only way to win if the zero or double zero is selected is on the five number bet. You have better odds on the European Roulette wheel because you have 37 slots, with only one trap.

After all the bets are placed the Croupier will spin the wheel and put the marble going in the other direction. Once the wheel starts spinning no other bets can be placed. The marble will fall into a slot and that will state the winning bets or lost bets

Roulette is going to be about fun over making a big win. You really can't win much unless you bet the larger harder to get bets, and that is like throwing money away. The Martingale system can be useful, but there again you are doubling the bet in hopes you win the next round, so you could end up losing more than you wanted. Probability is what this game is about.

Online Roulette

With computers came the online casinos. No casino is complete without having Roulette. Since the late 1990's you have had the option of playing either American Roulette or European Roulette in online casinos. Most casinos will have both games. With the online casinos you have better betting options because of the computer program spinning. While it should be random you might even pick up a few patterns. This is one of the reasons online casinos are so popular today.

Roulette Lessons
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