Realtime Gaming Baccarat Details Page

    Realtime Gaming Baccarat Details Page

Software (10)

The Real Time Gaming software plays smoothly and allows customization in game speeds, sound volume, dealer voices and full screen. Game histories are also provided.

Easy to Understand (10)

Online baccarat is a simple game and there is very little to understand. All the complexities are built into the software making things very easy for the player. The options available to the player at any time are highlighted.

Graphics & Sounds (10)

The graphics are sharp. The table layout is realistic and so is the animated dealing of the cards. There are audio sounds of cards being dealt that add to the realism. The dealer’s voice announces the card values and also when the player wins. This makes the gaming experience more realistic.

Game Speed (10)

The game speed adjustment mechanism is excellent. Instead of there being a discrete number of speeds to choose from the speed can be adjusted continuously over a wide range.

Game Features (8)

Baccarat is basically a game that cannot have very many exciting features. The decisions involved in the dealing of the cards have been built into the software. There is also no Auto Play Feature, which would be ideal in this game.

Fun Factor (7)

Baccarat is very low on fun factor. Not only is there no skill involved but there is little variety in the number of bets so that the game gets monotonous. Expert players know that betting on the "banker" gives the best long term results and this adds to the monotony. The only thing in its favor is a low house edge, which increases the chances of winning.

Actually land casino baccarat is played differently, with each player taking the place of the "player" in turn and deciding on whether or not to take more cards. Hence land casino baccarat is more fun.

9.17 / 10
Software 10
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 10
Game Speed 10
Game Features 8
Fun Factor 7

Realtime Gaming Baccarat Highlights
  • Card speed and sound options
  • Wins history available
  • Good graphics

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