Aztec's Treasure Player Reviews
Aztec's Treasure is a fun Realtime Gaming online casino slot.

Rating: by: fredweiss, on May 03, 2010
Pros: Great game to play.
Cons: Nothing.

Out for the Realtime Gaming online casino video slots games that I play I've found that this game "Aztec's Treasure" video slot which is a Realtime Gaming online casino video slot game is among the best of the games they offer and have available within their library of casino games.

Realtime Gaming does have a lot of games from which to choose from and play so if you're looking for a quality game and unsure of where to start this game would be a good choice I would say.

This game like most other RTG video slots games you'll find mostly cater to players that are interested in casino slots games that offer free spins bonus features vs. other sets of bonus features like the otherwise common bonus round know as the pick and choose variety. I personally am a bigger fan of free spins bonus slots games where the free spins are recursive and can be entered into repeatedly.

The graphics and audio both are nice in this game and additionally the Aztec's Treasure video slot game like many of their other games as well also features a progressive jackpot component making it just that much better to engage in playing. I for one know that this game is really fun and just wanted to let anyone else out there looking for a great game to play know about it.


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Comment by: eaton121 On: May 06, 2010
It is a fun game. Most of their Egyptian themed games have done very well for them I would imagine.

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