Blackjack Switch Review

Blackjack Switch Payout Tables and Rules

Game Rules and Payout Details

Super Match Side Bet

Games Rules & Payout Schedule

The Super Match side bet pays out under the following are in the first four cards dealt.

One Pair at 1 to 1
Three of a Kind at 5 to 1
Two Pairs at 8 to 1
Four of a Kind at 40 to 1

Otherwise the bet loses

Regular Game

Games Rules

The following rules in Playtech Blackjack Switch are different from normal blackjack

The dealer can hit on soft 17.
The dealer pushes on a total of 22, except that he loses when the player has a blackjack.
All Doubles and Splits are allowed.
Dealer peeks for blackjack.

Payout Schedule

Blackjack pays at 1 to 1 (in normal games blackjack pays at 3 to 2)
Insurance pays at 2 to 1

Other wins pay at 1 to 1

Casinos offering this game

Casinos offering this game

Blackjack Switch Quick Facts
Software Playtech
Min. Bet 1
Max. Bet 300
Speed of Game Adjustable
Autoplay No


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Hot Features of this Game
  • A unique game not offered by other suppliers
  • Switching cards increases player participation
  • Great customization features
  • Super Match side bet

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