Blackjack Switch Details Page

    Blackjack Switch Details Page

Software (9)

The software allows for customization of several features. Full screen and sound options are the regular ones. One unique optimization feature is to play with large sized cards. However there are two notable absentees. One is game statistics. The other is auto play with optimum strategy fed through a strategy card.

Easy to Understand (9)

The Help document explains the rules, procedures and payouts in detail. One aspect is does not address is strategy. Being a game unique to Playtech, a basic discussion of strategy would have been useful.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

The graphics and sound are to the expected level. The animations in the card dealing and chip movements help simulate live casino environment. This is further enhanced by dealer voices that announce hand values and players’ wins.

Game Speed (10)

Playtech Blackjack Switch offers game speed adjustments over a continuous range. This is better than two or three discrete speeds. The fast play option eliminates animations altogether and reveals the dealt cards instantaneously. This makes the game go even faster.

Game Features (8)

Playtech Blackjack Switch offers all the moves that are available to the player in normal blackjack. Where it loses is that is changes the rules and payouts in the casino’s favor to compensate for the Switch facility. If a player is unable to exploit the Switch facility completely then he will not receive the full benefit but have to pay the full cost.

Fun Factor (9)

The fun factor in Playtech Blackjack Switch definitely comes from the Switch option, which adds a new dimension to the game and introduces an additional element of skill. Another exciting feature is the Super Match side bet. Players need to realize that these unique features do not result in higher payouts. On the contrary they result in lower payouts. Because of this Playtech Blackjack Switch should never be the staple game.

Casinos offering this game

9.00 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 9
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 10
Game Features 8
Fun Factor 9

Blackjack Switch Highlights
  • A unique game not offered by other suppliers
  • Switching cards increases player participation
  • Great customization features
  • Super Match side bet

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