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Without a doubt the best online casino software out there!

Rating: by: rogermorris, on March 27, 2010
Pros: Best online casino software
Cons: Nothing!

I don't ever make claims of praise unless I truly beleive they're deserved and when it comes to online casinos and gambling software there's only really one online casino company I think that deserves to be up and on the top. Microgaming one of the first entrants into the online gambling market has made their mark on players like myself who are devoted to playing at their casinos. Unfortunately unless you're from outside of the United States you can't play with their casino unless you already have an exciting account with some of their casinos. For example I'm able to still play in my All Slots Casino account even though I'm from the USA. So if you have an account with a Microgaming online casino that's still accepting your wagers hold onto that account if you can.

Their casino software package is continually evolving and getting better and better as time goes on. One thing that I've noticed especially is that their online casino games just continue to excel and improve significantly as time goes on which is an obvious good sign in that we're constantly blessed with better games. The quality of their games for the most part in terms of graphics and audio are pretty consistent even though on that aspect as well they're improving in some respects. I think that where they're really innovating is in some of their new table games that they release as well as some of their video slots games that feature more and more impressive and innovative bonus features which is something that I truly love. Other Microgaming innovations include games such as their Multi-Player wheel of wealth game which is one that I personally recommend as it's one of the most fun games in their suite. Also their progressive jackpot games I've found offer bigger and bolder jackpots then other casino progressive games I've played at casinos powered by other software providers in the past.

Overall I think that they excel in most regards. I really do also love their online casino tournaments which I beleive if you're an avid fan of competing against other players vs. the casino itself then you'll like playing in their tournaments. They offer blackjack and slots tournaments and I beleive that they even offer roulette tournaments from time to time which is pretty interesting.

Great online casino software provider that I highly recommend playing at if you haven't already tried playing at online casinos powered by their casino software.


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Comment by: Paul Demfield On: March 31, 2010
They do have the best online casino games that's for sure it's a shame that players like myself who are from the United States can't play at their online casinos though!

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