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Microgaming is great right now but what's next is better!

Rating: by: gladstone, on August 13, 2010
Pros: Microgaming casinos are well known and their software is decent
Cons: There will be other competitors to come to market soon.

Microgaming is without a doubt one of the best online casino software providers that has emerged over the near two decades that online casinos and gambling online has existed. Being among the first to enter into this space has without a doubt given them a certain edge over and above that of other companies that are struggling or many of which no longer exist any longer.

In all their goodness and achievements though I'm convinced that when laws pass in the United States and we start seeing other competitors such as Williams Gaming come forth with their own products and brands that are licensed and regulated in Nevada that we'll see leaps and bounds from what they're currently offering.

Land based gaming software companies have always been one step ahead of online casino gambling companies so it's natural that they'd have better products. Just out the door I would imagine that WMS would have a product that would blow your mind. I'm very interested to see myself where things are going with them and how things play out but I can only imagine that the kinds of games of chance both solo gaming as well as community gaming will definitely be amazing.


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