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Microgaming offers best selection of online casino blackjack.

Rating: by: slava123, on December 05, 2009
Pros: Best blackjack games with great options.
Cons: They have way too many slots games to choose from.

Me I'm someone who enjoys playing blackjack and when playing at an online casino gambling site I prefer that first and foremost they have great blackjack games. Usually I'll play the blackjack games that they offer at the casino for a few hours trying the different blackjack variation looking at the way the game plays out before committing to making deposits for real money to play at the casino.

Thus far from the casinos that I've played at the ones that have excelled in my experince and preference have been the Microgaming online casinos. I have to say that the selection of blackjack games that they offer exceeds that of what the other software providers are offering and the speed of play is far better as well making and allowing for me to play though more hands in a shorter period of time.

At this moment I play at three Microgaming casinos more regularly then anywhere else. I play at Platinum Play Casino, Blackjack Ballroom Casino and Spin Palace Casino. Of the three I find that I get the most best treatment from playing at Spin Palace's online casino and they are great offering me great bonuses and rewards for my play with them.

Regardless of the variation you'll surely find games of blackjack that you probably have never tried before as well. These games from my expereince appear to be casino blackjack game types that are unique to the Microgaming library of online casino games.

So if you enjoy playing blackjack as much as I do online then I really and highly suggest that you check out and play at a few Microgaming casinos. The second best provider of blackjack from what I've played online although they don't offer the variety and selection yet is the blackjack that's offered by Realtime Gaming. I particularly like their blackjack due to the speed. But there's no doubt that the Microgaming casino blackjack selections and game in general is much better and the best that I've played online in fact.


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Comment by: Lilian Black On: December 11, 2009
Microgaming games are nice... Not only their blackjack but their video poker lineup and selection of slots as well is very impressive but also can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie player.
Comment by: Tealmantis On: December 10, 2009
I too like the MGS blackjack games and think that the fact that they have a lot of variety is why people can play so much longer at Microgaming online casinos then casinos that are run by other online casino software.
Comment by: Blinky Roast On: December 09, 2009
Of the software companies that make software out there currently I agree that Microgaming does exceed by far in the realm of making online casino blackjack variations and has the nicest selection from which to choose from and play there's no doubt.

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