High Streak Blackjack Review
Score: 8.67 / 10

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High Streak Blackjack Review

High Streak Blackjack is an exciting and different variation of the great game of blackjack which is brought to you by Microgaming, the world's leader in online gambling software. It is European-style in nature, and features side bets that have the potential to produce bonus payouts.

There are also a number of rules variations that differ in significant ways from any blackjack games that might be considered "standard." These include a restriction where the player can only split pairs once.

Like the offerings one has come to expect from Microgaming, this one allows players to exercise controls over the speed of the game (in order to play at the pace most comfortable), along with adjusting the sounds that are heard while playing the game, with an a la carte menu of ambient sounds that can be turned on or off. Read Full Review

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What's Hot
  • Nice bonus opportunities
  • AutoPlay and strategy options available
  • Outstanding graphics
Not Too Hot
  • Game rules are not entirely favorable
  • Only one hand at a time

Full Review - High Streak Blackjack (8.67)

High Streak Blackjack does a great job of simulating the experience of being in a real casino, and more to the point, in a European casino. There are some people who appreciate the game as it is played in European style, and some who do not.

In this particular blackjack variation, there is a twist, however, and you can count it as a major one. There are side bets on the table - known as High Streak side bets - which make escalating bonus payouts that can bring a very beneficial return if you do in fact go on a streak. You place a High Streak side bet in addition to your regular bet. When you win your second consecutive hand, it initiates a "High Streak." The more consecutive winning hands you attain, the higher the payout is.

The player's objective in blackjack is to compile a total in your hand that is more than that of the dealer without going over 21, or to manage staying under 21 while the dealer exceeds that total (or "busts").

After play is finished on each hand, the two decks are reshuffled by the software program and they are dealt randomly in the next round. Aces can take on the value of either one or 11, and face cards carry a value of ten.

High Streak Blackjack Game Information
Software Microgaming
Min. Bet 1
Max. Bet 200
Speed of Game Adjustable
Autoplay Yes

8.67 / 10
Overall Score 8.67
Software 9
Easy to Understand 7
Graphics & Sounds 10
Game Speed 9
Game Features 9
Fun Factor 8

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