High Streak Blackjack Details Page

    High Streak Blackjack Details Page

Software (9)

Microgaming always seems to come up with the right combination to make their games a winner. Here, the interface is clean and crisp, with game rules readily available and all the controls clearly within view. The process of placing a bet is simple - just click on the chip, then click in the betting square. That same process holds for placing the side bets. This software allows the player to put his/her game on auto-pilot, through the utilization of AutoPlay, and offers a lot of tools in Expert Mode, including the Game Analyzer, that can enhance an interested player's performance.

Easy to Understand (7)

Well, it can't be avoided that there are some complications here that make this more difficult to learn than the more standard versions of blackjack. The European rules (detailed in "Payout Tables and Rules") certainly take some time to getting used to, and the High Streak bonus bets are something out of the ordinary as well.

Graphics & Sounds (10)

Microgaming's design facilitates a realistic casino atmosphere, and what is helpful is that you can mouse over either of the two signs next to the chip rack at the top and get the game rules as well as the side bet rules. As for the sounds, it is very charming that in a game with European rules, you can hear your dealer with a British accent. Sorry, you can't change that.

Game Speed (9)

You can't do any better than to let a player choose which speed he or she wants to play the game at, and with the Microgaming blackjack games (and High Streak Blackjack is no exception), you get to choose any of four different speeds: Slow, Medium, Fast and Fastest. So there is something to suit every taste.

Game Features (9)

In High Streak Blackjack, you can take advantage of options like Rebet and Rebet x2 (which lets you place the same wager, or double that wager, after each hand), and AutoPlay, which lets you play automatically. And because of the strategy table that is available, you can be assured that you are using the mathematically-correct decision. Of course, the dominant feature in this game is the presence of the High Streak side bets, which gives you a chance to really hit big if you get on a roll.

Fun Factor (8)

Maybe this is not the ideal place for the beginner to start playing. After all, there are rules variations and features that represent a sharp departure from what is familiar to most people. But if you have some experience at the game, and want a nice change of pace, this is something worthwhile to add to your favorites list.

Casinos offering this game

8.67 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 7
Graphics & Sounds 10
Game Speed 9
Game Features 9
Fun Factor 8

High Streak Blackjack Highlights
  • Nice bonus opportunities
  • AutoPlay and strategy options available
  • Outstanding graphics

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