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InterCasino Re-Branding It's Gaming Brands

By: Joan Peppin, Monday February 22nd 2010
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InterCasino and it's group of associated properties which include InterPoker and InterBingo have undergone re-branding which should be launching on all of their properties in the next few days. The branding exercise that has been invoked by the group has been done so in the most professional of manner as far as what we here at Casino Advisor have seen so far. The re-branding has not only been done in order to change the look and feel of their logo but the entire image of their properties and what they represent as any and all good re-branding implementations should focus on.

The logo plays a crucial role in any branding exercise and there's no doubt that the new logo that they've designed will alter their image and perception of brands. The goal is really to create a "one of a kind" online gaming experience or so it's said in the re-branding brief. The following expert from the re-branding brief makes it clear as to what the intension's really of the re-branding are "On line gamblers have so much choice, with many sites offering very similar experiences. We are using our brand to stand out from the crowd, and create a unique entertainment destination that will appeal to the hearts and minds of more and more players. We are determined to be the stylish alternative to the bland 'me too' look-alike mainstream casino brands. We need to be 'boutique' in the hotel sense of the word. Being 'one of a kind' will help our brand to communicate difference, aspiration, service, quality and fun." From this in addition to the level of completeness and professionalism that are emphasized all throughout the brief it's evident that they really know what they're doing in terms of the re-branding of their online casino and other gambling properties.

Comparing Old InterCasino Brand to New One:

In comparing the old InterCasino brand to the new one we've simply put forth the old logo and new logos and a few points in terms of pros and cons to each. None of these views are necessarily in line with the views of InterCasino or any of their associated and are purely based on our on opinions on the two.

Old InterCasino Logo

The old InterCasino logo has been the dominant image that has been representing the brand since 1996 and since that time there has been very little that has been altered in the logo in terms of look and feel that has grown as the company has grown. A re-branding for InterCasino has really been long over due.

Pros of Old Logo:

  • The old logo represents 14 years of being engrained in the minds of people who enjoy online casino and gambling entertainment online.
  • It's a solid enough logo that in our opinions provides more clarity as to what kind of products and services they run over the new logo.

Cons of Old Logo:

  • It has been what they've used now for years and years and thus a change is nothing but good.
  • The old logo doesn't work very well if you were to alter the colors of the logo as it would detract from the overall look and feel of what's intended.
  • The background portion of the logo is too pronounced and thus the text emphasizing the brand is sort of lost.

New InterCasino Logo

The new logo for InterCasino will undoubtedly set the stage for the online casino brand for at least a decade to come. The emphasis on professionalism, uniqueness and as quoted from their re-brand brief "one of a kind" there's no doubt that this online casino will continue to prevail as a true leader in the online gaming space for years to come.

Pros of New Logo:

  • Simple with a clear and concise message that's being endorsed though the logo.
  • The logo ports well onto both dark and bright colored backgrounds but the choice of going with a black and white logo is ideal and most powerful.
  • The logo uses clean lines and is sharp regardless of the dimensions that it will be used at.

Cons of New Logo:

  • May take some time to be recognized and accepted by existing InterCasino patrons.
  • No colors in the logo and for gaming often times colors are used to emphasize the kind of activities taking place.

Adobe PDF icon Download InterCasino Re-branding Brief PDF - Click Here - (7.6MB)

Note: We have been requested to remove the link to the downloadable version of the PDF by Partnerlogic (The affiliate program for InterCasino and their brands) until March 1st at which time we'll re-apply this link and allow you to download the re-branding brief once again.

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Comment by: Josh On: February 17, 2012
I think the current site/product is a complete mess. Rudimentary defined.
Comment by: Billy Minor On: February 28, 2010
It's always good to see online casinos and other gaming brands improving themselves and constantly moving forward. If you're not moving forward in this industry I don't beleive there is such thing as staying in one place and being able to sit there and are likely moving backwards actually. Thus it's a really great thing that they've spend the time and money to do this re-brand. There's no doubt that big brands like InterCasino will be leaders in the running up for acquisitions by land based gaming companies when regulation comes in to place sometime but whenever that is as there's no doubt that that day will one day come.
Comment by: Amber On: February 25, 2010
I really like the direction that they're heading at InterCasino with the new look and feel of the logo. I'm looking forward to checking out the new website when that's all ready to be looked at!
Comment by: Leslie R. On: February 25, 2010
Looks like InterCasino and this gaming group is taking steps to further establish themselves as a leader in the online gambling space. I suppose this is really good to see as they've always been known to be a leader boasting transparency and a good overall product. I know lot's of people who play at their casino actually and are really fond of and happy with their experience over the years.

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