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How to Use EcoCard at Online Casinos

After you have deposited funds into your ECO card account, you will then be able to use your card with any casino that is registered with ECOcard Ltd. Payments to the casino through your ECO card is usually done through the web site of the casino that you will be playing in. Keep in mind that different casinos will likely have different user interfaces for making deposits, although you will typically have to provide information about the exact amount that you intend to deposit, as well as your ECOcard number and password. In most cases, the funds are transferred from your ECOcard to the casino in question instantly.

One of the advantages of the ECOcard is that since it is an online payment service, you will not have to provide any credit card details to the casino you are signing up with. The ECOcard can also be used in any casino around the world provided they are signed up with ECOcard Ltd. of course and you can use the card from anywhere in the world using your chosen currency.

As we mentioned earlier, the process of depositing money into a casino with your ECOcard may differ slightly depending on the casino, although the process will typically involve choosing the EcoCard option for making a deposit, and then entering the exact amount that you wish to deposit. After that it is usually a simple matter of clicking on "deposit" button and funds from your ECOcard account will be transferred to your casino account immediately.

Many casinos also offer users of ECOcard a bonus for simply making a deposit into their casino account. This offer is typically available after the first deposit has been made, with bonuses offered for every succeeding deposit, and some casinos will even offer what they call a "High Roller bonus". The actual amount of the bonus will vary from casino to casino, with a 10% bonus being the amount usually offered.
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  • Can be used in a wide range of casinos worldwide
  • High level of security for all accounts
  • Fast service for the various ECOcard transactions.

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