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Ease of Use (9)

The ECOcard scores high marks in this aspect, since the sign up, deposit, and withdrawal processes have been made as easy as possible. While other e-wallet services tend to involve overly complicated sign up, withdrawal and funding procedures, the ECOcard makes it easy for even first time users to get up to speed with the various e-wallet services almost immediately.

Unfortunately the ease of use advantage provided by the ECOcard is no longer available to players from the United States as of July of 2007. ECOcard Ltd. does however offer players from the United States the option to sign up for another e-wallet service called QuickTender. As for whether or not QuickTender can measure up to the standards set by ECOcard, well that remains yet to be seen. A further detail that may potentially hinder new players from signing up with QuickTender is that the e-wallet service is currently available by invitation only. We are assuming that the invitation will have to come directly from ECOcard Ltd. which may limit the number of registrants to the new service but that is expected to change in the near future.

Promptness (10)

Again ECOcard shines on this front with quick service that can stand up to the best e-wallet services in the business. Whether you are making a deposit into your account, into your casino account from your ECOcard, or withdrawing funds, the transaction typically goes through very quickly. And as we mentioned earlier, the signup process for getting your ECOcard is very prompt as well.

Mulitple Currencies (9)

ECOcard accepts a wide range of currencies–19 of them at last count to be exact. Interestingly enough, ECOcard also accepts deposits in US dollars, even if the company itself does not allow registrations from US players any more. Players have the option to choose which currency they want for their transactions, and they even provide the option to use multiple currencies for different accounts and transfer funds between them. This makes it possible for players to take advantage of currency rates in a manner that best favors them.

Security (9)

All transactions conducted with ECOcard go through ECOcard Ltd.’s secure servers, which feature state of the art encryption software. All your personal details remain strictly confidential, and you can even check the details of your ECOcard through a secure connection.

Casinos Accepting EcoCard

9.25 / 10
Overall Score 9.25
Ease of Use 9
Promptness 10
Mulitple Currencies 9
Security 9

EcoCard Highlights
  • Can be used in a wide range of casinos worldwide
  • High level of security for all accounts
  • Fast service for the various ECOcard transactions.

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