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Customizing Microgaming Online Casino Slots

By: rkingsley, Thursday May 21st 2009
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Microgaming is the industry leader in the development of online slot games. Microgaming slots exhibit a thematic variety and richness of features. But above all Microgaming realizes that different slot players like to play the game in a different manner. Therefore it builds in sufficient options in the slot games so that slot players can customize the playing arena to their liking.

The first option needs to be exercised before the player accesses the desired slot game. This is enabling or not enabling the full screen. The default option is enabling the full screen and it is advisable to leave it that way. Some players like to play online casino games with a smaller screen so that they can carry out other functions on their computer. This would work for games like card games and video poker but not for online slots. The graphics in slot games are considerably detailed and this detail tends to get lost if the screen is sized to a smaller area. Also tool bars and menu bars outside of the slot game create a jarring effect that takes away from the pleasure.

The next set of options needs to be exercised from the options menu within the slot game. In the game settings the player can enable the quick spin option. Normally the reels come to a stop one at a time giving the player sufficient time to assess whether he is likely to hit a winning combination or not. This is particularly exciting for new players. In the quick spin option the reels do stop one at a time but very quickly. Before the player can realize whether he is likely to hit a winning combination or not the reels have come to a stop and the result declared. To enable the quick spin option or not is a personal choice depending on the inclination of the player and the time at his disposal.

The sound options are very important. The audio is an integral part of the Microgaming slot game and the enjoyment of most games would be lost without listening to the audio while playing. Therefore it is not advisable to enable the switch off all sounds option. In Microgaming the sound consists of three distinct components. One is the background sounds which is the background tune that can be heard when the reels are idle. Usually the background tune enhances the theme of the slot game and it is advisable not to disable it. The game sounds consist of the spinning of the reels. It is advisable that new players keep this sound on so as to get a feel of the slot game. Later on they may disable this if they find it irritating. The last sound component is the win sounds. These are the special sounds that announce the hitting of a winning combination. Microgaming comes up with excellent win sounds and one should not disable this option.

The final option that Microgaming offers in its slot games is the regular or the expert mode. The advantage of the expert mode is that it offers a number of auto play options. The player can select the 5x or the 10x auto play under standard conditions. Or the player can further customize the auto play feature. The player can choose the number of spins that he wants in the auto play. He has two options for stopping the spins. In one option the spins stop only after the set number is completed. In the second option the spins stop after a preset amount is won. The auto play can also be stopped manually by clicking on the Stop button.

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Comment by: bentobox On: December 03, 2009
I like the customization options that Microgaming casino software offers. I don't think that you need much more then what they offer right now. I think that the only thing that they could kind of use would be something that would allow you to set certain limits in the games you play and more then that the amount of money that you want to spend per week, month, year...
Comment by: Augustine On: October 20, 2009
I would like to see them implement something that would allow me to play multiple slot games simultaneously in the same window. I think that this would be an excellent feature to add to the Microgaming platform.
Comment by: Dilan On: July 24, 2009
I'm a big fan of Microgaming software and a casinos powered by a few of the other online casino software providers out there. I definitely like some of the features that Microgaming offers in their options menu and especially when it comes to Auto-Play I find they offer a wealth of features that others are starting to introduce now but for the longest time didn't have available within their own software platforms.
Comment by: Perl N. On: July 12, 2009
I know that it's not necessarily entirely relevant to what's being discussed in this article but I just wanted to mention that Microgaming has a really interesting and unique slot game called "My Slot" the game let's you pick from images on your computer which are embedded and used as symbols within the game. When it comes to customization of a slot game I don't think it get's much more custom then this.

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